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    Forums rollback ??

    Weird.. ok I was reading the forums.. then get an error that can't connect to database, now we have forums that appear to have a week old rollback on them... any ideas ?

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    Re:Forums rollback ??

    yeah... :blush: :S :unsure: inch:

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    Re:Forums rollback ??

    Seems to be a 1 week rollback lol

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    Re:Forums rollback ??

    Well damn, just when I think we are about to make some leaps of improvement, and on the edge of new invites something else has to happen... :unsure:

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    Re:Forums rollback ??

    funny because i though kiwibird was a mod aswell ;p. According the the forums he was, dosnt say so anymore ;p

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    Re:Forums rollback ??

    Great thing about it thou, that can be fixed
    We have cool new forums... Y~A~Y

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    Re:Forums rollback ??

    Cool... it's a week don't read/post much on the forums. That's like I lost forever whatever has been said...

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