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    I have been looking for something on how you level your attributes but can't find anything so i have a few questions.

    Like for instance agility is it leveled just by running and jumping around? What about the ones that have no adjoining actions like fortitude or spirit, are they just going to be forever at what you start with? Should i start spirit at 90 as it says it helps gain exp faster? Then what about Intelligence it says it levels skills faster should it be maxed? What Stats are the easy ones to level? What are the hardest?

    Maybe someone can explain it to me or point me to a thread that tells me what i should do to level them the fastest. I just want to get the most out of my starting choices and maybe lower some of the ones that are easy to level and raise the ones that are harder.

    I can't seam to figure out what would make a strong solo player that likes to be a jack of all trades.

    Added after 7 Hours 47 minutes:

    No one has a clue to how attributes level up then?

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    There is quite lot on attributes and abilities in the manual. And also on the wiki. Did you check either of those places?

    Or failing that, you can ask in the global chat. DDT is sure to answer, as he is always online and can't resist a question.

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