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    The Moon Mystery

    While the sun rises in the east and sets in the west the moon sets in the north. On this evening it seems to be undergoing a partial eclipse as well. Screenshot taken from atop Mount Tallac.

    And later as it sets behind the mountains across Lake Tahoe:

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    Re: The Moon Mystery

    Very nice eclipse!

    Edit: removed useless comment.

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    Re: The Moon Mystery

    i don't think its an eclipse I think its just the way the moon is done to show the phases.

    As for rising in the north...this demention...yeah that's it... :huh:

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    Re: The Moon Mystery

    If that's meant to represent a moon phase I hope it's just a stopgap graphic because it makes no sense. Not that it's a critical feature to worry about at this stage.

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    Re:The Moon Mystery

    I guess the moon rises ... in the west!?

    Here is a screen shot of it rising over Cascade Falls on the western side of the lake:

    A later image:

    The moon then travels not too far above the horizon until it sets in the north. So this does indeed seem to be a bug.

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    Re:The Moon Mystery

    imo we need an astronomer in game to track the phases of the moon and other celestial bodies over the course of 1 game year.

    I myself with a minors in astronomy would love to do such a thing...please send an account ready to play to my email.

    p.s. in case this actually works, saweeeet!
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    Re:The Moon Mystery

    Well if they were going to to do a full moon cycle, it takes 19 years for the moon to be in the same spot and phase as it is today. Which was discovered a very long time ago.

    But yeah, having a crescent in the moon between full and half is not right.

    Oooh, trivia bonus. A week is 7 days long because that is about one quarter of a full phase cycle of the moon.
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    Re:The Moon Mystery

    Kitsume wrote:
    But yeah, having a crescent in the moon between full and half is not right.
    Thank you.
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    Re:The Moon Mystery

    You fools! These are the shadows of your doom!

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    Re:The Moon Mystery

    I blame the volcano :laugh:

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