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    Approaching the Impenetrable Mist

    Following the Truckee river south brings one to the green impenetrable mist. At first everything gets a green hue.

    Even a waterfall:

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    Re:Approaching the Impenetrable Mist

    Interestingly my character did not die with this latest patch but the green fog became so dense I could not see anything. Still I managed to turn around and get back out... alive.

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    Re:Approaching the Impenetrable Mist

    It looks pretty cool doesnt it. I collapsed unconsious in it when I went there, I didnt get in as far as you did

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    Re:Approaching the Impenetrable Mist

    I'm going to go ahead and report that as a bug, my understanding is that the fog should by rights poison you. If I'm wrong then no harm done
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