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    Xsyon ini file request

    Hey all, myself and a friend of mine who is also in the ealy access are having trouble patching as it is saying "Connection Dropped" when it gets to patching Config<Xsyin ini.

    Could someone who has already succesfuly patched up to the latest version of the game and can actually log in please email me their copy of Xsyon ini, which is located in the config folder where you installed the game, please email it to

    I would really appreciate it if someone would take the time to do do this.

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    Re:Xsyon ini file request

    i sent it to u

    but server is now off, about 5 min. ago, donīt know why

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    Re:Xsyon ini file request

    Thanks for the ini those who sent it, but it still isn't working. We are attempting to contact Jooky regarding it.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    I leeched edaw's Data folder as I couldn't be bothered downloading it myself, so that could be the source of them problem.
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    Re:Xsyon ini file request

    If you got the "old" Data-Folder, then it has to work. I did it twice....on my desktop (XP) and on my laptop (Win7).

    Start install the new patcher
    copy data-folder in the Xsyons-folder
    start patching

    No probs here...... (it patched about 35MB)

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    Re:Xsyon ini file request

    When I attempt to patch it says it needs to download 80MB, and stops at around 20.something MB...

    Same with edaw.
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    Re:Xsyon ini file request

    Yeah, we copied the data into the new install directory correctly to patches up till it gets to Config\\Xsyon ini then says connection dropped.

    This happened on two separate system where the only common denominator was the data folder, which was my data folder from before this most recent patch.

    Has anyone else used old data files? Any problems or has it worked fine?

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    Re:Xsyon ini file request

    I haven't used old data folders.I clean up the old xsyon install.

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    Re:Xsyon ini file request

    What do you mean when you say "I clean up the old xsyon install."?

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    Re:Xsyon ini file request

    sorry I meant uninstall old xsyon.

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    Re:Xsyon ini file request

    I kept a copy of the old Xsyon data file, uninstalled the old and intalled the new Xsyon, put the copy of the old data file into the new file and ran the patcher, it downloaded the new intall and worked fine. I seem to still have my crashing problem but it lasts for around 50 mins now before it crashes. But i havent had long enough blocks of playtime today to see if it is doing it all the time.

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