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    Problem with last 2.11gb download

    I'm trying to download the last 2.11gb of data from the launcher, however I keep failing to do so.

    I always dwindle down to a speed that times me out (either by my own computer or by the server).

    Last night I got to around 1.4gb downloaded and because of the connection it stalled closer to 2gb.

    This is like the third time now. While I don't want to say its the games fault (cos I know my connection sucks anyway), I'm wondering if there is another way to download the required file.

    It seems to be the last file to download, data\\zone.xsip
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    Re: Problem with last 2.11gb download

    Found out what was causing it, when I would go into standby (pc default) it would also do "offline mode" for internet.

    To bad there isn't a way around that yet, I know Free Download Manager and torrent providers bypass that feature of windows.

    Bugger now I have to restart for the fifth time!
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    Re:Problem with last 2.11gb download

    Hm....simply disable "standby" mode.

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