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    I was saddened to read texx's reasons for leaving xsyon .I assume texx was logs and if you were on you would know he was unhappy .My question is why does a small portion of our community take to ridicule and piss taking out of newbs when surely we could spend a few minutes to explain a few things to help them on there way and maybe even increase our dwindling population ,or do we just continue to be obnoxious children til there is no-one left .

    I know there are probably a few people like me that just can't be bothered with some people in global but I ask is all to make an extra effort for the future of xsyon
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    This is how the world ends not with a bang but with an Mmo !

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    Hey Reejan -

    I think it's a combination of things. The beginning experience, zombies, and chat. We got him setup - stats and stuff for what he wanted to do - and it was the grind then. It's really just Xsyon he didn't like. Dang shame - since he played other sandbox type games and would have fit in really well.

    It was funny - cause he really got the hang of Zombies Was out killing and exploring hahaa.

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    i am not a child in the xyson global chat i am a troll. GET IT RIGHT! - mejia

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    I Thrash the trolls, repeatedly...

    I believe the Troll Mejia received a thrashing one night from some friends of mine...

    And your right theres a select crowd that trolls people to death, the problem is Guides don't police griefing, when games are pay to play Guides should be more proactive in stopping inappropriate world chat sessions.

    Unfortunately the gaming community in Xsyon isnt big enough to wash out the trolls, if there were 500-1000 people on every day trolls would be a speck and wouldnt get so much attention...
    This wont be fixed / relieved until Xyson/jordi really pushes to expand the game and its player based

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    Sadly some gamers today get off by trolling , which makes me sick to my stomach that people are that immature, best way is to find a group of people you like and ignore the rest if your having issues, why should you quit a game that you may enjoy because of others, sadly gamers are ruining games more and more they blame the devs but gamers ruin games as well if NOT worse than devs may in some cases. People think because they are not in front of the person and hiding like cowards that its ok to talk trash which I always found funny, maybe its a generation thing that kids now a days are cowards , I dunno...

    This is why I ran my community the way we always have is to keep the trolls and jerks out so we can enjoy gaming together...

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    Who is Texx? Sorry not trolling just wondering.

    The problem with the community is we have gotten so tired of people who come into the game for a week or two just long enough for the free trial, and ask the same questions that were covered by the FAQs somewhere on this site, before the 400 patches. And then the community is too small and could careless about updating the FAQ so its out of date. ((Wow is that a jumbled set of thoughts, sorry.))

    But then there is the handful of trolls or people who are just tired of the game but still play. And Jefferysauto, you can try to do, exactly what you say, but you may not see that one of your community is trolling because you see it as in game banter. But to a noob or an outsider it is trolling.

    Sorry about the random, charlie foxtrot of thoughts but my alergies are acting up and thinking is not a strong point right now.

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