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    Ringmaster Sporran ( seems to be bugged )

    When I try to make this item mats list fills the bar.

    In the bar 3rd in from left it say " cloth thread ". like the 5th item says " thread ".

    I thought there was only " grass thread" and "cloth thread" it literally just says "thread "
    I tired adding both types that doent work..

    Thread is listed twice last one being none descript...

    Any ideas

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    Its a bug/they messed up on but both mine just say thread and if you drag the thread and drop in both it works.

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    Damn it thought I tried to drag and drop... now i feel retarded... will try again later thanks...

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    Yeah its been a bug for a while. Its likely to get fixed with the armor update here soon. Most armors are getting resources changed up.

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