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    How Would you go about doing this?

    I would like to fix my stats a little bit so they are not so all over the place. I read the Newbie guide posted up top but hell man I don't understand it.

    Here is what I currently have:

    Strength 80.0
    Fortitude 74.3
    Agility 82.3
    Dexterity 80.3
    Intelligence 59.1
    Spirit 52.2
    Perception 54.9
    Charm 54.2

    Skill I like and have:




    Should I adjust my stat points or just leave them be? Advice?

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    16 views and no answers?

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    The problem with this:

    Working skill soft cap
    Skill balancing reduction after gains beyond soft cap
    Action skills not soft capped
    Construction not soft capped
    Balanced decay on least used 4 skills
    Skill decay regards skillsset to minus as a ‘least used’ skill with 0 recent usesSkill locking system
    -Normal: skill can increase or decrease
    -Minus: skill locked for decay only. Stats will not gain when using this
    -Locked: Can’t change. Stats will gain when using this skill
    -Plus: Can increase only. Stats will gain when using this skill
    -2 skills can be locked
    Skill recent use count displayed as a tooltip on skill locks
    is that we don't know what the soft caps are, so it's almost impossible to try and say what should be locked and when to lock them.

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    As it stands your stats are somewhat balanced. If you wish to continue with all of your preferred skills, you might as well leave the stats alone. I would choose to focus in one or two directions and max the associated primary stat. Lets look at your list.

    Hunting; Agility, Dexterity
    Scavenging; Charm, Perception
    Resources; Perception, Fortitude
    Armed; Strength, Dexterity
    Clubs; Strength, Fortitude
    Leathercraft; Strength, Perception
    Toolcraft; Intelligence, Fortitude

    So, looking at this, you could lower Charm and Spiriit a bit. But what you max out to 90 really depends on what you want to focus on the most. If you want to be a combat character, Fort, Str, and Agi are very important and Charm and Spririt to a much lesser extent. If you decide you want to go get master resources and scavenged items, you need to max Perc and Charm.

    At this point, you just need to figure out what will be your focus, adjust stats accordingly. Personally, I would do it soon and start working towards 100+ in that focus stat to get the most benefit out of your craft. Otherwise, you could just remain as you are and be somewhat mediocre at all the things listed.

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