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    Trying to figure out what to specialize in

    Before I create my first character, I would like to know, what type of skill specialization is in the biggest demand (ie lots of people need lots of them, but not many people want to be them), so I can figure out what to specialize in. Because I had a really hard time deciding last night, spending much time staring at the guide trying to figure out what I might like to be and what skills/stats I should choose, and I don't want to waste my game time! So to reiterate, it would be much easier for people to tell me what I should be because everybody really needs them, and I can choose the appropriate stats and concentrate like hell on improving those (that) skill(s).

    tl;dr version: What occupation is in low supply and high demand?


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    Well, at the moment I wouldn't say there's a demand for anything special.
    As a survivior in Xsyon you can pretty much learn everything and do everything that others can; only some will do some things better than you or have more recipes than you. It might depend on whether you're in an existing tribe or on your own (homesteader).
    Personally I'd recommend newer players to join an existing tribe in order to learn the basics, socialize and being able to survive outside tribe area (other players and dangerous animals). Not saying you can't begin on your own if you should wish to, it's just a tad harder.
    But if you want to specialize from the beginning of your adventure it might depend on what your tribe mates are good at. As a homesteader, if you should choose that, you'd need to be good at various things and perhaps have good relationships with other players for trading of materials and tools.
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    As a homesteader it is probably best to focus on Scavenging - this will provide you with materials that others would trade for.

    Gathering skills like Forestry, Resources, Foraging are only useful for trading if you get to the end-skill range (collecting master/supreme quality).
    Toolcraft is sort of fun (and quite important for the game) - but there are so many high end crafters that there is pratically no demand for tools.
    Wraincrafting is a bad place to start because it will take you 60+ game play hours to be able to produce a small cart - this craft just sucks up all the resources - and there is pratically no demand for the product (carts do not decay yet - so once built it will be always there - the market for carts is really thin).

    I found out that forestry (planting trees, collecting sap, branches, twigs) - is a skill that is not widely spread, yet for certain tools (foragers) you need master/very high quality materials.

    I would definitely trade for those materials ! But maybe that`s just me.

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    Imho if u are going to play alone for a while I think that toolcrafting is an important skill to specalize in.

    You will need tools for everthing you are going to craft.


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    Good point from Tomduril concerning scavenging. Even new players can use scavenging to find useful items from the junk pile that others may need. Arch recipes, for example can be learned at any skill level and quality of the recipe doesnt matter. People are alwalys looking for arch recipes. Also you can build up your supply of nails thru scaving as well as looting abandoned bins. Nails can used to trade for other items you will need.

    With high Charm and Perception stats and a 90+ level scav skill, you will then start to find master items. For example, Master Small Metal Plates are needed for leathercraft, bonecraft, and tools.

    Therefore, you may want to consider scav at the start until you learn the game and decide what you want to do long term.

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    Is this for solo player for playing with other tribes?

    Solo play, I would say Toolcrafting is likely the best skill to have.

    For group play, I would say Leathercrafting.

    Scavenging is a gathering skill not a crafting skill. If you are asking about gathering skills. I would say either Scavenging or Hunting are likely the best 2 for gathering. (Best, and highest demand)

    The least played one I would say is Firebuilding (however, there is no need for it) followed by Basketry (again not really used) if you are going straight up by least used and most needed/wanted, I would go with Bonecrafting.

    Gathering AKA Resource skills the least played is Forestry. If you want to know straight up least played vs most wanted I would say Logging or Resources.

    Bold are my 2 choices I would take if I were to make a new toon today and be a crafter.

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