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    Feedback Request 04/19/2013 - Big Economy Patch

    Please post any issues with the Big Economy Patch here.

    Please read the Patch Notes for a full list of improvements with this patch.


    Update 04/22/2013

    I've patched out an update to address most reported issues. Please read the Patch Notes for a list of changes.

    I am still reviewing a few issues:

    - Revenant armor lost bonuses. This should be fixed, but I haven't confirmed that it's fixed in all cases yet.

    - Creature parts not correctly applying power variable. This has been possibly fixed, but I need to review and test this further.

    - Bug with multiple containers getting stuck open. If you can still reproduce this, please email exact details to bugs . I fixed the one reproducible situation, which involved opening a building repeatedly to cause the bug.

    - Quality on scavenged items will be revised.

    - Encumbrance. The current reported issues are a result of a bug fix. Players should not be able to exceed their encumbrance limit. I understand the issues however and we are going to revise the weights of objects to make more sense in context of the game rather than remove the bug fix.

    - Building labels. Not all buildings can be labeled. This is not a new feature, I just included it in the patch notes to be clear as there were some changes to the labeling system.

    - Other suggestions are also under consideration. Thanks!

    Update 04/24/2013

    The following fixes are being check on the Test Server. Once I get confirmation that these are fixed I will patch them to the Main Server.

    - Power factor on animal parts and components crafted from animal parts displays in tool tip. There has always been a power factor on animal components that affect stat bonuses applied to final products (armor). The power factor is based on the age and power of the creature killed.

    - Welmeti Deerbone Chestplate corrected to show 1 leather required.

    - Trade totem shows the name of the seller correctly.

    - Trade totem allied tab shows correct prices.

    - Trade totem allied tab sorting buttons work now.

    - Trade items show the base display name on labeled items.

    - Master armor sets require 90 quality materials.

    - Artisan armor sets require 75 quality materials.

    - Crafted components quality can't exceed the quality of materials used. Final products (armor, weapons, tools) quality can.
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    Great patch, long awaited and I can't wait to get in there and check more out.

    I will edit this post as I find feedback on the current system.

    There is no Chalk Tool recipe for either Scrappers or Pioneers, which is odd because Chalk is only used in crafting tailored items and Scrappers gives a bonus to tailoring.

    Trade totem listing rows are all messed up. The QL isn't listed where it should be everything is shifted.

    Can't remove stumps if you didn't cut the tree.

    Players are reporting they can't get supreme items from scavenging while having 100+ in the 2 stats and 100 skill. Havn't tested other gathering/sorting.
    Edit: Gathering resources at max skill/stats and getting 100QL is too rare, slight increase maybe by 30%.

    Trading items that cause people to be overweight needs to be put back into the game. It causes way to many issues to have it the current way where you can't trade overweight.
    Not able to craft while overweight is a good thing. I like how many things were made lighter also, anyway we can get monies to weigh less?

    All animals give the same amount of bonus. Normal animals give .75 bonus. Mutant give 1.00. Did you mean to nerf this more?
    Also no matter the age of the animal they always give the same bonus. I reported this on the test server, is this going to be change? If not what's the point of fighting older animals? I offered a suggestion about getting more resources for larger animals, this would be good to do here.

    Leather Tarp recipe is broken slot for thread, (says 0/0, and requires it to craft but doesnt use any up when crafted)

    Tribe list bottom right icon, when you click it has no scroll bar.
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    I've noticed in the patch notes it says you can label buildings. Currently I am only able to label roofs and canopies, not doors, walls or most things in our tribe area.

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    Tree Stumps can not be destroyed.

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    Not being able to trade when either of the 2 players involved in the trade are full encumbered makes things extremely difficult and severely impedes on normal game play. I cant even use the trade feature between my two characters to sort my cloth anymore, so basically situations like cloth sorting which is already extremely too difficult to deal with has now even got harder.

    This now even negates the trade feature usage in majority of common trades in general, now to do common trades, basically have to unlock baskets / carts and say give me payment then get your stuff out of the basket after.

    We have increased energy consumption when encumbered and over encumbered, which makes alot of sense that way, i think blocking trades and crafting due to encumbrance is going "too far" and makes parts of game play "overly difficult" now.

    The bug regarding max containers open still exists and once you get it you have to relog to clear it ( if you have 4 containers open and try to open another you get "max containers message" and now can only open 3 after that until you relog, if you get the message again before relogging, then you are limited to opening 2 containers before getting message etc)

    Regarding the need for sorting feature for recipes/cloth etc, going to toss out a possible "quick fix" idea that might be able to utilize existing coding, something to the affect of allowing the use of the trade feature with a basket or something to that affect so when using, everything "traded" to the basket would be sorted as its added to the basket? remember this is just a possible "quick fix" idea. Special large baskets for recipes, maybe even cloth would be helpful as well.

    21 different types of cloth thread, string, twine and the different ropes is a bit much now, would be nice to have a check box on craft window to be able to make the base products without stats for grinding purposes which is 99% of their usage anyways. Not even sure the two different types of ropes even have a use for stats anyways, so 21 different types of both now? Might make coming up with rope for construction projects quite hell once the "pre patch stock" runs runs out of game in future.

    Archery showed up on my combat skills listing after patch.

    Carrots are found foraging and scavenging.

    You can only see what tribe a player is in "IF" you add them to your friends/foe list, it would be alot better if you could see what tribe a player is in simply by mousing over them or clicking on them.
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    Hello, and jeah i love the patch and all new features

    i had some from the alredy postet problems too, like the problem that i cant trade full encumbered and the maximum containers open thing. And Trade totem i messed up

    And i wonder about suede that i cant make scraps from suede only from leather.
    bigger problem is that i make fur scraps that i cant stack (maybe even other lether i have it already deletet sry

    small animal guts are missing for thread i cant kill somuch big animals like i need.
    That would make that only old player can make usefull crafts and the new player grind till they become mental issues and quit
    but i love the pegs

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    Thank you all the feedback so far.

    We'll do our best as always

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    leather bevel is listed as leather slicer in tool crafting but is listed as leather bevel in leather crafting recipes and tool comes out leather bevel when the tool is crafted.This can get confusing.

    and as stated above or in bug report rev gear no longer have stats and no matter the age mutant bones come out to 1.00 etc.
    I was told there a hidden type effect after you craft with them but i think that would be a real pain to try and keep up with what animals was old and younger etc.

    other then that I love the patch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrlandoKev View Post
    This now even negates the trade feature usage in majority of common trades in general, now to do common trades, basically have to unlock baskets / carts and say give me payment then get your stuff out of the basket after.

    We had an issue with this today while crafting some carts. Anesia had to remove most of the items she was carrying in order to not get the 'over encumbered' message when creating the cover for a cart. Anesia has 61 str, a lot for a crafter. Anyone with low strength may find crafting a cart impossible or at the very least frustrating.

    This can get very tedious even with playing with a friend. So really this feature is negative on group play and trading.

    Minor bug in Bonecraft: One of the mats for Welmeti Deerbone Chestplate requires 0/0 leather.
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    There is something weird with permissions on doors. I set them to Friends/Family/Tribe and tribe can't open it. I set it to Family/Tribe and tribe CAN open it. I set it to Friends/Family/Tribe/Ally and tribe CAN open it.

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