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    Feedback Request 07/04/2013 - Auto Stack Feature

    We are testing a highly requested new feature on the Test Server: Auto Stack.

    All normal containers (backpack, pouches and bins) display a Stack button. Selecting this will stack all items that can be stacked within that container. The same stacking rules apply as usual.

    If you find any problems with this feature please post feedback here.


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    I was on the test server for an hour sorting leather. The stacking feature didnt really help much.
    It did however work well at stacking. I still had to stop to move higher quality Item out of the basket.
    I may be wrong but the last test you had it was sorting the items by quality so that I didn't have to stop to move items out of the basket I was sorting in until I was done sorting and then moved what I wanted to keep into another basket. Then hit the stack button. which was much easier.
    Thank you for all you do!
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    I played around with it on test the other day.. it works good as a lq scavenge Stacker (my eyes bug out after sorting things for an hour). A quality sepperator would be awesome when you pull higher quality goods.
    Thanks for all your work on this game (cause I live it and love it).

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