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    Guide Israfel's Gladiator Event

    They lined up to die today at the Gladiator event. We had many contestants from low level to high, and a good show was put on by all.

    Not as many screenshots as usual, as we had our hands full. But these should paint a vivid picture:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks again to everyone for turning up today. The event ran over-time so we didn't get around to delivering all the prizes as some players had logged off before we got to them. Those who missed out please contact /h in-game and ask for either Guide Lailah, Guide Israfel or myself Guide Michael, and we will be only too happy to fix you up.

    Did you miss out on this event? Keep up with what's going on by visiting our Event Calendar. We also advertise all our events an hour before-hand on Facebook and Twitter, so don't forget to subscribe!
    --Guide Michael
    Angel of miracles.

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    Sorry I was not able to make it to run this event today. We had the power out the whole day. I'll make it up to you guys next week with some special rare halloween prizes in the tower race event. See you all then
    --Guide Michael
    Angel of miracles.

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    When is the halloweeeeeennnnnnn event?

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    Well the calendar at says there is one this weekend but it says time unknown... so keep your eyes open and light up a lantern

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