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    Feedback Request - Next Patch (Test Server)

    Here is a list of additional changes going in with the next patch:

    -Help icon (lower right side) launches web browser to our new help desk ticket system.
    -The help channel will auto respond with a request to use the ticket system if a Guide is not available online.
    -Terraforming level up and level down commands added to better control leveling terrain.
    -Hunting and Crafting quests properly require questor to personally hunt or craft the quest item.
    -Trade totems show details for allied trade items when selected.
    -Revenant respawn blocked by 100 meters reserved land around active totems.
    -Blocked adding materials from cart slots directly to the craft panel (to prevent bugs).
    -Death and death teleporting minor issues resolved.
    -Re logging bug allowing players to spawn at their current location fixed.
    -Blocked dismantle by tribe members on the edge of tribe land.
    -Upkeep bonuses display as buffs with tool tips.
    -Extract all command added to allow extracting seeds from a stack.
    -Minor bug causing players to sometimes click an icon twice to bring up the action menu fixed.
    -Fixed Artisan Pocahontas Chest recipe so that it can be gained.
    -Chance to gain schemes while crafting slightly increased.
    -Trapper's Milliner Needle scheme fixed.

    Some of these are not easy for players to test, but that's ok. In general I want these changes to be known before the patch. If you have time to check some of these and find any problems, please post them here.

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    -Chance to gain schemes while crafting slightly increased.
    Why? Doesn't this hurt the scavenging aspect and selling of recipes? Currently basic recipes like tools, weapons, and armors are not being sold or in extremely low rates. Only thing really sold at normal rates are blue prints both building and cart blueprints.
    It seems like a step in the wrong direction for economy, and scavenging or even a usefulness of these recipes at all. You have over 3000 recipes in game. Can you look at your stats of how many recipes are being found and how many are being deleted? I bet it would be a huge amount not even saved or deleted. Most people only care about blueprints.
    To me it's new players having issues with getting XYZ recipe so they can do a basic things. I would suggest making a few basic recipes (like foragers saw, or foragers shears) as part of auto learned recipes, and oddly enough making it HARDER to learn advanced recipes like Artisan or Master, making these require the paper scheme themselves. You are not only hurting the economy with this type of change, but also making one of your very cool systems of printed recipes become even more worthless, to the point of why keep these paper recipes when you can simply use X skill to gain them. Players already learn at least 90% or more of their recipes through grinding/use of the skill. With this change you are going to make it near 100%.

    -Terraforming level up and level down commands added to better control leveling terrain.
    I like this change, however, I dislike that it has no effect on items used, or requiring materials/dirt. I would like to see this have greater use on tools (shovel in this case) or require new rare/costly tools to do it.

    Many of these other bugs/fixes/changes are very good. Thanks for minor updates like these. I love the help icon/ticketing system, much much needed.
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    Right after testing the "extract all" option on the test server, the server crashed or went down. Not sure if it's related.

    Animals seem to be a lot better around the lake, so whatever was done looks pretty good. Also seeing some lower HP animals than max power, which is good.

    Nice job, I really like the patch, I didn't really find any issues to report.
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    Regarding scheme gain: This was actually a bug fix to correct the consistency of scheme gain (using a better random function). The overall visible effect will be an increase in gains for some players, who were getting bad luck with the previous function.

    Regarding trade of schemes / blueprints and the economy: I don't disagree but this is a tough issue. Many players seem to want to gain and do everything on their own rather than trade, even when trading for an item is much easier than the grind.

    Regarding the terraforming commands: Yes, these should and will use dirt (gain dirt leveling down, use dirt leveling up). Increased wear on tool is something I plan to address after cooking and farming in a patch with resource upkeep.

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    I briefly tried the test server today but i am facing crashes of the client like every 3 to 5 mins.
    On the main server i am not having these, i am not sure this is normal but makes it very hard to test anything.
    Plz let me know if you need anything to look in to this

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    Dzarren, please send any crash logs to bugs


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