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    Feedback Request - Cart Permissions Final (Test Server)

    The Test Server is open for testing final cart permission adjustments.
    Here is how everything should work:

    Cart timer and Safety:
    There is now one cart timer, the USE timer.

    The USE timer is reset whenever the cart owner uses, opens or has the cart attached. In addition, when a character logs in, all carts owned by that character on tribe land are marked actively used.

    Carts on their own Tribe Land are marked SAFE. Carts not on their own Tribe Land are marked UNSAFE.

    Cart states:
    Based on USE carts can be
    INACTIVE = 18 game days (2 real days) without use
    DESERTED = 405 game days (45 real days) without use

    Based on USE and SAFETY carts can be
    SAFE (on Tribe Land)
    ABANDONED = 135 game days (15 real days) without use and not on safe tribal land

    Cart permissions:

    Tribal carts, not USED for INACTIVE days can be moved by the tribe leader.
    Tribal carts, not USED for DESERTED days can be opened and contents taken by the tribe leader.

    Tribal carts are defined as:
    - Any carts on tribe land, regardless of owner.
    - Carts on or off tribe land belonging to a tribe member.

    Based on SAFETY

    Carts not on SAFE land and not USED for ABANDONED days become abandoned.
    Abandoned carts can be claimed by anyone.

    In addition:

    Carts can only be traded by the cart owner.
    Cart owner can destroy carts.
    Carts can now be attached and drop anywhere (including any Tribe Lands).

    Currently, for testing only, the time values are set as follows:
    INACTIVE = 18 game days
    DESERTED = 72 game days
    ABANDONED = 63 game days

    Please provide feedback if everything is ok or if anything is not working correctly.


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    Carts can now be attached and drop anywhere (including any Tribe Lands)
    This is very helpful, I know a lot of newer players get stuck easy, and not much you can do if in someone's tribal area.

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    As a one man tribe I can't test all the functionality of the cart system, but I did test all those features I can. Everything works as listed although testing exact timers I can't do but the flags on the carts did represent the proper times displayed on the cart and the status listed was correct. The one issue I saw, and it is really only cosmetic, is that when disconnecting from my cart on another tribe's land I get the 'You can't do that here' message even though it does let me disconnect.

    I think the disconnect on other tribe lands is a good add as it should help ease issues with characters being stuck on rocks and totems and such.

    Nice job. Looking forward to having it on the main server.

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    Were these timers patched to main?

    If so could someone decipher this for me : Property of **** Inactive : Last Used 135 Days ago : Unsafe
    Should'nt this cart be abandoned??

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    You might have to wait 1 more day because of rounding issues and the timer for unsafe to safe to change.

    If it were 136 and unsafe then it sounds bugged. But in the way it works, is that a tribe leader could have moved that cart to an unsafe spot and it needs 1 more day to tick over from the day timer.

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    Right you are, TY.

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