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    Feedback Request 06/23/2014: Terrain Reversion Final (Test Server)

    Terrain Reversion is ready for final tests!

    Terrain reverts land to its original height over time on public land.
    Water on public land rapidly reverts to its original level.

    Terrain on tribe land plus a buffer around the tribe does not revert.
    The tribe leader can set the buffer between 0 and 10 meters.
    The default buffer is 10 meters.

    Terrain reversion on public land is blocked by completed buildings.

    Small objects such as bins and bundles on public land move with reverting terrain.

    Long and short logs decay and are removed.
    Tree stumps decay and are removed.
    Ghost buildings decay and are removed.

    Logs placed on player made road surfaces do not decay.

    Currently terrain reversion should have affected most public land.

    Note: Terrain reversion affects terrain and water heights only. Terrain surfaces are not going to revert with this current implementation.

    The Guide Team has helped check everything for the past few days and no problems were encountered.

    I would like feedback on the following:
    - Are bundles and bins properly moving with the changed terrain?
    - Are logs completely gone from public land except for on roads?
    - Are buildings properly blocking reversion?
    - Are there any problems with water reversion?
    - Are there any problematic areas with reverting terrain?

    There may be some problem areas that were caused by flooding or other anomalies. Guides will be able to clean these up after reversion has run.

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    Ran through several zones and no problems were encountered. No stray logs were seen.

    Since we can't set the buffer before the patch, will land begin to revert if a lower buffer is set after the patch?

    Will terrain reversion be a constant occasional process? E.g. if I chop down a tree and haul some of it back to my tribes land, will some logs be missing by the time I get back?

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    Yes, if you reduce the buffer, the land will the revert. This is why I'm setting the default to the highest value.

    Yes, terrain reversion will be a constant process. I will run it at a high speed for the first week to clear up a lot of the mess that has built up. Even at high speed settings, logs will take a day or so to be removed. When I set the speed to normal, logs on public land will last around a week.

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    Really nice job on this. I have found no problems either. Looking great around town!

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    Awesome feature! As a new player looking to "settle down" I was kinda turned off by the messes that were just about everywhere I wanted to build. After running the test server a few times in different areas, I was impressed. (Now just add a surface revision and this place will always stay looking nice
    Anyhow, while traveling I noticed a rock @ 981 x:484 z:755 with a weird clothing texture on it. Other than that, no issues found in the areas I traveled. I coverd the west/northwest and east/southeast/northeast areas.

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