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    Feedback Request 09/29/2014 Launcher + Collision

    Please report any issues with the latest patch here.

    In particular I am looking for any problems encountered with:

    1) Revised launcher and log in.
    2) Revised collision for carts.
    3) Revised collision for placing objects on top of floors, ramps and other building parts, including multiple story construction.


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    Launcher directs to new version of the launcher download. Downloaded it and it only gives errors says windows can't open it. Now what?

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    You need to extract the Xsyon Installer from the downloaded zip file, then run this new Installer.

    Please post or contact support if you have further issues. Thanks!

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    Downloaded, updated, patched and in game no problem, carts are at home and I'm no where near it atm so can't check the collisions yet.

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    I saved the file and I have extracted the Xsyon Installer, then I hit run....No errors no message. Nothing. Any ideas?

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    I ended up uninstalling Xsyon and started fresh. This fixed my issue.

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    Works for me. May not work for someone that doesn't have a program to unzip .zip files.

    Glad not to have to log in twice.

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