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    I need help Xsyon wont work ok so every time i click to play Xsyon it wont load i have tried everything i know but i cant find out whats wrong. and something called Norton keeps saying Xsyon is a Dangerous program and has been removed?? Help please i had this problem on my other computer so i tried my second computer but after a while it just fails on me and i can never play again .... Please Help.

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    TayanitaWolf you need to add an exception to your nortan Anti-Virus:

    To add a folder to SONAR exclusions:

    Open up the N360 interface.

    Select the "Settings" tab.

    Select "Antivirus" from the Detailed Settings field.

    Under the "Scans and Risks" tab, scroll down to the bottom

    Locate the "Exclusions / Low Risks" section

    Next to "Items to Exclude from Auto-Protect, SONAR...etc" click on "Configure [+]"

    A window should pop up labeled "Real Time Exclusions"

    Click "Add" and browse for your games folder. Don't select a specific file, just select the entire game folder.
    Be sure to check the box for "Include subfolders"

    Click "OK"

    Click "Apply"

    After doing so you may need to redownload xsyon installer, or repatch since the Anti-Virus more than likely deleted the .exe file.

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    Id like to add from a Player's POV that Xsyon is totally safe and poses no threat whatsoever to the security of your PC.
    Norton is simply reporting Xyson (probably Xyson.exe) as a false positive.

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    norton is the worst scanner anyway. it overwrite windows files and its not possible to deinstall it, at least not possible to remove it completely unless you reinstall windows. i suggest you to use avg or microsoft security essentials, even avira ist still fine. but dont instal norton!

    i dont have norton so far but usual every scanner have a list where you can ignore files/programms which cause trouble. you should check if you can do that with the xsyon.exe

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    yeah norton is terrible I was a computer tech for 5 years and the first thing we did was delete norton as it created allot of issues and only found 25% of the bugs other free software found
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