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    Feedback Request 12/19/2014 Bug Smashing

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    We're working on a bug smashing session and could use your help to test and confirm fixes or find problems with changes in progress. The Test Server is up and ready for testing.

    Here's what is ready so far:

    Bug Fixes

    1) Using Level Up to increase multiple skills in the same group now works correctly. original issue here

    2) All resource gathering actions now use the appropriate skill for the gathering time. original issue here

    3) Bucket and waterskins decay with use when watering plants. original issue here

    4) Health bar display for dead creatures should disappear when creatures are removed. original issue here

    5) Problems with splitting one stack to merge with another fixed. original issue here


    1) Creatures display only health bars. Players display both health and energy bars.

    2) Terraforming and Farming (plow) actions can be added to and used from the action bar.

    Needs Checking

    1) Selection / deselection code cleaned up. Selection / deselection of creatures and entities needs to be checked to make sure everything is working correctly (as on the Main Servers - there should be no noticeable changes).

    Update 12/22/2014

    Bug Fixes

    1) - and = hot keys for the action bar should work. original issue here

    2) Typo for 'Adjustment' corrected. original issue here

    Minor Improvements

    1) Tribe ranks display next to tribe name for your tribe members. original suggestion

    2) Tribe info for characters updated right away when joining or leaving a tribe.

    3) Tool tip on recipes displays required base recipes (for Artisan and Master recipes).

    4) Failure to learn recipe displays all unmet requirements. original suggestion

    Update 12/23/2014

    These changes have been patched to the main servers. If you find any problems with any of the above, please let me know. Full patch notes are here

    Please post if you find any problems with these or if you can confirm fixes for specific issues.

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    1) Leveled up a few points on skills in same skill group, works fine.

    2) Pulled some granite, note below*

    4) Killed a few animals and selection/ deselection seems fine and removed when dead.

    * I missed the thread with opinions concerning gathering of rock. I would vote option 1 to leave rock gathering time as it is rather than basing it off resources. I'm guessing it's to late for opinions..?

    When/ if upkeep for resources (rock) comes in leaving rock gathering at the speed it is at would be best. This would allow everyone to collect rock for upkeep at the same rate, new players, vets, whoever. It's already mind numbingly boring to collect a full bin of rock at a 5 skill. The slower rate now on test is mind numbing x3. Some players do not want to allocate points into resources thus would always be gathering at a 5 skill...

    Thanks for the full court press on all the fixes of late!

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    Possible to add more hotkeys slots? maybe for the F1-0 keys.
    was on testserver and the shortkeys are great! hope weapons, waterskins and food will work soon as well. thats would be amazing

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    Back on test today I arbitrarily attempted to put 43 points into woodworking and 2 points into basketry. The results were 2 points added to basketry and 35.3 added to woodworking. (My original woodworking was 7.7, adding 43 points should have put me at 50.7) Is this correct, based on the behind the scenes math or is something still amiss?

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    It doesnt work like that.
    From 5 to 9, it uses 1 point per skill point.
    10 to 19 it uses 2 points per skill point gained. ETC

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    In the stat adjustment window woodworking skill, adjusted stat said 50.7. After confirming and closing the window and looking at woodworking in skill window it said 35.3. I adjusted the skill to a 50.7 but only got 35.3.

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    Yes that is an issue.
    I was talking about the cost of green points per skill increase. Which is what I thought you were saying at first.

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    Right on, I described it poorly the first time. It was 143 points spent to get the 50.7.

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    I've posted an update with a few more minor changes.

    Re: gathering rocks. I'll leave it as it's now on the Test Server for consistency. We can improve on gathering later if it's too much of a grind (for example, more rocks per gather).

    Re: Skill adjustments. I'll run some more tests to see where it's going wrong. It's a bit tricky because what it actually does is run skill gain until you reach the desired level, in order to balance skills, gain schemes and update stats the same as if you were working up the skill directly.

    Re: More hotkey slots. Please post that as a suggestion but it's not likely that I'll add that one soon.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Skill adjustments. I ran tests on your (wastelandstoic) toon and see the issue. The system is working as intended right now. Woodcraft decays even while you are boosting it, because your other skills are either locked, at minimum or have a lot of uses, so almost all the decay is being put on woodcraft. Also, although basketry is boosted only 2 points, it's the second skill you boosted (they run skill gain in order) and it's already high, so it takes more uses to gain those 2 points.

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