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    04/08/2015 - Architecture Parts Feedback - Test Server

    Hello everyone!

    The Test Server is open for checking a slew of new architectural components. These have been checked cursorily and I would appreciate if you could check these and report any issues found.

    Many of these new parts were created from components originally intended to be porches and bridges. I've broken apart the original models into components to allow for more flexibility and creativity.

    These parts are ready for testing:

    Railing I
    Railing I 2 Meter
    Railing II
    Railing II 2 Meter
    Railing Gate

    Floor 2x4 Meter
    Deck 2x4 Meter
    Floor 8x8 Meter
    Ramp 2x2x2 Meter

    Cantilever 4x8 Meter
    Walls 2x4 Meter
    Truss 8x8 Meter
    Beam 8 Meter

    These parts are available in all 7 architectural styles.

    Note: For testing purposes only these components are available to all architects as auto-learned schemes at 5 skill.
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    Can't wait! Will test them ASAP.

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    Client crashes as soon as I try to place one of the new railings. 1st time was on floor and the 2nd time on the ground. Hoping that floors can support railings.

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    Yes, please give me 15-20 minutes. Some files did not patch correctly.

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    Railings have the same settings as walls, thus require the same conditions and supports as regular walls.

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    Everything should be ready for testing now.

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    Still crashing on me. This time on a deck.

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    Please try deleting Meshes.xsip from the Xsyon/Data directory, then patch again. Since you patched while the files were not correctly updated you could have a corrupted Meshes.xsip file.

    If you still crash, please tell me the exact part you are crashing on.


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    Not crashing after patching meshes.xsip (date stamp about 16 min. later).

    Like the looks of the new railings and gates. Cannot move through the ghosts though and get stuck in the Pioneer Railing Gate and Pioneer Railing I ghosts. No trouble moving trough new ramp ghosts.

    Built a Scavenger Railing I and Scavenger Railing Gate in the crack between 2 floors. The railing looks good, but the gate turned red when completed (was in green Position Valid before building). Rebuilt the gate and could not move the mats from ghost to my pack.

    The Gadu Railing Gate displays as 2 m wide, but you cannot place ghosts within 1 m of either end. The Gadu Railing II (2 and 4 m versions) take the same grass thatch and twine as the Gadu Railing I, but they display as leather.

    Haven't tested all parts.

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    After more checking:

    The Banaya Deck 2x4 seems off. The other Banaya floors use grass mats, but the deck uses Medium Wood Boards. Also this deck uses a different but appealing texture.

    The Bamati 2x4 floor and deck use the Scavenger floor textures. The 8x8 and 4x4 Bamati floors have leather coverings.

    The Scavenger Deck 2x4 appearance has some extra boards on top that aren't there on the Scavenger floors.

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