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    05/16/2015 - Test Server - Trade Totem Panel

    Now for something I hope players will really enjoy.

    The Test Server is ready for checking revisions to the Trade Totem Panel.

    1) Allied Tab has been replaced by the Global Tab. The Global Tab lists all sales at all Trade Totems.

    2) Category filter buttons have been added for easier searches. (Resources, Armor, Weapons, etc.)

    3) A text search filter has been added to further filter searches.

    4) The Location and Distance sorting buttons have been fixed for proper sorting.

    5) Trade Totem loading has been optimized to allow for loading many items at once.

    Please provide any feedback or problems encountered with these changes. The improvements will be patched along side the upcoming Trading Post feature as soon as possible.


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    I'm not seeing the Global Tab on my trade totem.

    Traveled to an allied tribe and could see what they had for trade on their trade totem, but nothing appeared on other tribes totems, including mine.

    I like the way the search buttons and text box work.

    I think global trade will really help stimulate trade.

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    Could you give me the location of your Trade Totem? (I teleported to your character on the Test Server and see a nearby Trading Post, but not a Trade Totem).


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    Trade totem is at 781: 76,753.

    Character is parked there atm.

    There is a Global Trade tab now on Peace.

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Same here, on peace I have a trade, completed sales and global sales tabs, on test I only have a trade tab.

    Totems at zone 904 X 872.8 Z 155.4

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    I will check to see if there are some permission settings causing this. I checked both your totems and get all tabs (as a visitor, not tribe member). I'll have to log in as your characters to see what's going on.

    Regarding the Global tab on the Main Servers, the new tab label (artwork) was patched out so it affects all servers. The functionality on the Main Servers is the same as before (allied sales only).


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    Much needed, very glad to see this coming into the game.

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    Thurgond and Bejaymac, Please delete and re-patch Interface.xsip from the Xsyon/Data directory.

    I've logged in with both of your characters and the Completed and Global tabs worked fine on your Trade Totems. My guess is that on the Test Server some files didn't patch correctly for you.

    Please let me know if that corrects the problem.


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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Jul 2013
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    That cleared it for me, I now have all three tabs showing.

    scratch that, just been "messing" with a trade post and now my trade totem is back to just showing the trade tab.

    A relog clears it, but the second I use the trade post my trade totem resets to just the trade tab.
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    Working now for me as well. Strangely, the new Interface.xsip file has a 5/16 date while the deleted file had a 5/17 date.

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