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    07/14/2015 - Feedback Request Bug Fixes (Main Servers)

    Hello everyone!

    While working on creature code I discovered problems some placement functions that were causing terrain reversion issues. I've applied the fixes to terrain reversion and getting a few other bugs out of the way.

    07/17/2015 These have been patched to the Main Servers now

    1) Logs and bundles pile inside each other on public land due to terrain reversion. This has been revised and stacks of logs and bundles should stay stacked even when on reverting terraformed terrain. The fix does not affect stacks already piled inside each other, but new stacks should not 'collapse'.
    Original bug report here

    2) Bins and object sometimes stack or float on public land due to terrain reversion. Objects should be placed correctly now. Already sunken objects should adjust to be correctly placed on the ground.
    Original bug report here

    3) Crafting stops prematurely with missing materials message. Crafting has been revised to prevent this and other issues.
    Original bug report here

    4) Repeated 'motorboat' noise happens when two players swimming near each other actions while swimming. This should no longer happen.
    Original bug report here

    5) Roofs can no longer be set as commissaries.
    Original bug report here

    In addition the following systems should be checked as much as possible:

    1) Dismantle. Dismantling has been reviewed and further optimized. Dismantling should always be top down.

    2) Crafting. The crafting client to server process has been slightly revised to prevent a few issues. Crafting should be tested in all situations that can cancel the craft (removing materials or tools, breaking tools, performing actions that cancel crafting, etc.) to make sure that these changes do not cause any new problems.

    Please post confirmation of these fixes or let me know if you still find problems with any of these.

    Note: Terrain reversion has been sped up for these tests. However, it should still take a few hours for a full pass of terrain reversion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    1) Dismantle. Dismantling has been reviewed and further optimized. Dismantling should always be top down.

    some of the problem objects are still a problem, I'll update the bug report with the details.
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    These changes have been patched to Main Servers. If you can confirm the fixes or encounter any issues, please let me know.


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