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    10/05/2015 - Feedback Request - Creature AI (Test Server)

    The Test Server is open for public testing of the current creature AI revisions in progress.

    So far, I've been focused on intense testing on my local server with additional testing by the Guides on the Test Server. For public tests, I will be turning changes on and off so that I can get focused feedback on individual aspects of these upcoming changes. I'll update this thread as different changes are ready for public tests.

    The following aspects are ready for testing:

    1) Proper synchronization of movements and animations.
    On the current main servers, creatures and other players often slide or run in place a bit when they start or stop a motion. With the new code, creatures should start and stop properly with their current position being in better synch with the server.

    2) Creature movements are affected by slopes.
    Creature speed can be reduced to 0.25 meters per second when climbing slopes. (The speed of a creature currently displays when you have the creature selected.)

    3) Smoother motions of creatures and other players.
    Creatures are updated twice as often as on the current main servers with more frequent messages being sent to clients. This, coupled with better interpolation of movements on the client side should result in smoother overall motions.

    4) PvP.
    Although I haven't made any actual combat changes, I would like to know how the current movement and synch changes affect PvP (if at all).

    Changes not in testing yet:

    1) Path finding. I'm trying out several path finding systems and variations. I will continue testing these internally and post here when I'm ready for public testing and feedback.

    2) Creature reactions. Currently creatures are set to 'watch' players only. This means they will stop and rotate to face the player when the player is within observation range. I am testing behaviors one at a time right now and will post when ready for full behavior tests.

    3) Creature combat. Because creatures are set to 'watch' only, combat with creatures is effectively disabled at the moment.


    1) I've been revising walk and run animations to better fit current walk and run speeds. I will patch these animations when the full set is revised and checked internally.

    2) Because creatures are set to 'watch' only, their current random behavior can be best observed at a distance.

    3) As the Test Server is located in Germany, US players will experience slower pings while EU players should experience better pings to the server. Please keep in mind your ping rate when providing feedback on the current changes.

    4) I've been testing out various update rates. As a result of optimizations, the server can handle a lot more updates per second now. The more frequent updates, however, can cause strange effects for clients with low ping to the servers. I will continue to work on this.

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    1 & 3) creatures sure look a lot smoother, no more jerky walking etc

    2) different creatures appear to have different walk speeds and they do fluctuate when they are moving up slope, which drops to 0.25 when they are climbing a steep cliff or water fall.

    PS. in the UK so ping is 47 with the odd higher fluctuation.

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    Regarding creature speeds, I will definitely adjust some of these for more consistency. Next step I will turn on creature running away and towards a character behavior.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    I am also in uk its great to finally have a nice ping lol

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    At character creation it crashes Xsyon when i click the Stats tab

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    I'm going to close this thread for now and will post a new thread when Creature AI changes are again ready for public testing.


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