This weekend we will be running a unique never done before event - Stand Up Comedy from players!

When: Saturday April 2

Time: 11:30 AM PST
Server: Peace Server
Location: Pawnee
Leader: Guide Raguel

Greetings Citizens!

Polish up your best jokes, funny stories and limericks, because The Pawnee Tribe will be hosting an open mic night for all you budding Comedians!

We will be Porting Participants and Audience to the Black Swan Theatre, so no need to travel on foot.

Each Participant will have a 5 minute slot to perform.
It would be a good idea, to have your jokes written out in advance to cut and past into LOCAL chat.
Only those that are at the Theatre will be allowed to take part in performing or as the audience.
The Audience will vote in the help channel and Guides will be taking the count.

1st Place winners will get 10 Event tokens, 2nd place 8 tokens and 3rd 6 tokens that they can collect and turn in
at the end of the Event season for Fabulous Prizes! ( Its been hinted that there are fancy backpacks, and metallic carts )

We will have on display the different type of cloth backpack that you can purchase with tokens.

There are 5 different types, and each is a 30 slot backpack.

REMINDER: Please tell clean jokes, there are young children that Play Xsyon. Standard F or S bombs will disqualify you

So, come one and come all to the Black Swan to enjoy a night comedy and fun!
( 5 dollar cover, and a 2 drink minimum. Please tip your waitress! )

IMPORTANT: If you would like to sign up ahead of time, please post in this thread. Signing up in advance is not required but will help us prepare for the event.