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    Starting A Hunter

    I was wondering if anyone had some advice on starting stats for a good hunter. I'm thinking of focusing on some PVP as well as some gathering and crafting. I'd also like to have a pet.
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    Re:Starting A Hunter

    This game was built so that we the players have to figure it all out. It doesn't tell you that +1 dex = +3 ranged attack. Without that type of information your guess is as good as mine.

    As far as having pets we don't even know what you need to do to tame an animal but I believe charisma is important for that.

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    Re:Starting A Hunter

    Are you to later change your stats. or at least effect distribution of further skill points?
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    Re:Starting A Hunter

    skill points increase the more you use a skill. Unknown if stats can change, personally I have not seen anything but it could also be because that is not enabled yet.

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    Re:Starting A Hunter

    Thank you
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