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    06/10/2016 - Feedback Request - Bug Fixes

    NOTE: The Test Server is current open running data from the Peace Server

    The Test Server is up with a number of bug fixes that I've squeezed in over the past few months. Please check as many issues as you can and confirm the fix or provide details (and a location if appropriate) for any issues that you can currently still reproduce.

    The Test Server is currently running the War Server data. I can switch to the Peace Server data if needed and players request it.


    1) Unable to loot small creatures on the edge of water (bug report here)
    Creatures should now start swimming based on their radius / size and not a set water height. When you kill them in shallow water you should be able to access them now.

    2) Inconsistencies cancelling eating (bug report here)
    Actions cancelled should be consistent now (general actions that cancel resource gathering or crafting should also cancel eating and vice versa). Changing your craft or construction selection should now only cancel a craft or construction action in progress and not eating. In addition, being hit in combat should cancel eating.

    3) Incorrect Skill and Stat Tracker (bug report here)
    Skill and Stat tracker corrected. Skill and Stat number of uses were not resetting properly. Now both should reset as intended. In addition, you should now see a total number of uses for your skills (it shows both recent and total). Stats only show recent uses as there was never an overall total uses saved.

    4) Gaps in distant water (bug report here) Gaps in distant or mid distance water should no longer appear. These usually appeared in the lake. If you do still see a gap, please post a location for me to check and your current screen resolution.

    5) Tarp issues when dismantling (bug report here)
    I removed both material and color from tarps. You should be able to create tarps from any cloth and stack them. Old tarps should be reset also and should be able to be combined now (with both other old tarps and newly created tarps.

    6) Odd drinking while sitting animation (bug report here)
    I’ve patched out a new sitting while drinking animation that doesn’t lean back like the previous animation. This animation has been patched to the live servers as well.

    7) Unable to bring carts on piers (bug report here)
    You should now be able to bring carts onto any pier or building over water.

    8) Issues with quest objectives (bug report here)
    I removed starter clothes from the Quest goal list.
    You should be able to use the hyphen for goal objects like Lo-om armor.
    I fixed the issues reported when splitting items into the Quest rewards.

    9) Buildings and objects glitching from view (bug report here)
    This shouldn’t happen now on the Test Server. If it does please give me a location to check.

    10) Problems with 8x8 corner railings, floors and trusses (bug report here)
    8x8 corner trusses, railings and floors should all fit together properly now. If you have any issues, please set up a situation on the Test Server for me to check.

    11) Problems with beams and cantilever trusses (bug report here)
    Beams should sink to the proper level now on both cantilever and corner cantilever trusses.

    12) Incorrect leathercraft starting tools (bug report here)
    Players choosing leathercraft as a starting skill should now start with a needle and a measure.
    The second craft knife has been removed as a starting tool.
    All other starting tools should be as before.

    13) Issue dragging item icons to gaps between icons in container panels (bug report here)
    If you drag an icon to the title bar or the space between other icons now it just won’t do anything. (Before it would give you a message pop up to destroy the item).

    14) Tool tip on mutant deer hooves not displaying power (bug report here)
    Power and correct info should now display on mutant deer hooves.

    15) Dropping a container with materials used in a current craft doesn't cancel craft (bug report here)
    Dropping containers containing materials used in your current craft should cancel crafting in progress now.

    16) Terrain reversion creating traps (bug report here)
    Technically this was not a bug just a problematic situation caused by terrain reversion. I've expanded the reversion buffer on buildings to reduce the problem with steep traps being caused.

    17) Salt and tar pit where it should not exist (bug report here)
    The salt and tar pit in this reported location has been removed.

    18) Inconsistency with Innards and Guts (bug report here)
    Now both innards and guts show power and decay. Both can also be partially protected when stored in food containers.

    19) Dahteste Boots show invisible foot area (bug report here)
    These are a proper full boot now.

    20) Distorted view through projects (bug report here)
    This looks ok to me. I believe it was resolved a long time ago. Or do any of you still see this as an issue?

    21) Faulty collision for walls in water (bug report here)
    Wall collision seems fine in water to me. If you see any problems, please give me a location to check.

    22) Invisibility (hiding) not working in water (bug report here)
    This looks correct to me and the players that have checked this issue so far. If invisibility is not working for you or looks incorrect in water, please post more information and steps to reproduce the problem.

    23) Changing USB audio device causes an error (bug report here)
    I bought a set of USB headphones to check this issue and can't reproduce the problem. I believe it was corrected when I last revised the audio code. If you can reproduce this problem, please post exact details.
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    1. mobs seems to drop now on the top of the water and they can be looted now.

    3. i was really happy when i read this is fixed, and really dissapointed when i saw that the counter starts from now on. i already reported the loose of uses before the linked post and i would like to see the total amount of uses i archieved witch each charackter for the time i am playing. so the uses which i miss from the past do not count currently. i would prefer to have them visible / added as well.

    for testing the reset: in which interval should a reset happen? i think to remember you mentioned 7rl days in the past? (in case you log in at a certain time??? )

    5. good change, all tarps lost the stat and kind. works so far.

    6. there is no animation at all. if i sit down and use my waterskin my charackter simply stand up and drink with no animation

    13. fixed. container have no gaps between slots anymore

    14 fixed. now it says power 1 ( guess its new instead of 1.00? )

    15. fixed, items now missed in the crafting window if container get removed from a players inventory.

    18. works well, thanks for addind this.

    20. i assume you did. i havnt seen this for ages

    22. there is another issue about hiding in water. when a player goes in hide, he sneak around and is slowed down. if a player hits water while he is in hide, he is still hidden but can use the normal movement speed, even sprint.

    so far, i can see myself hidden if i swim but i am not sure if that would be the same for other player.

    A new issue, i just screened it. maybe its part of No. 21. i see a background behind ANY arch if i face the direction of water. i can also see the whole underwater surface this way. check the attachments.

    i'm willed to do further tests but i'd appreciate a peace server backup for that.
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    The results of my Testing. If screen shots are required let me know and i will get them.

    1.I tested this with 2 different animals and was able to access both of them for skinning.

    2.I tested this and it seemed to work just fine with the switching from one pattern to another while eating. Also tested the getting hit while eating with a rev and canceled as its supposed to.

    3. The skill and stat tracker seem to be fine for me. It does show 0 for the total amount.

    4. My screen resolution is 1920x1080 all setting set to max. Tested this at the same location as Pwnuts and had no problems.

    5. No problem found with the tarps all new and used tarps i had in my bin stacked with no problems.

    6. Love the new sitting and drinking animation. Had no problems it even carried over to the PVP server.

    7. Tested on the test server at VR and worked perfectly.

    8. Could not find any problems with the quest totem on test server. Server must have crashed during this time.

    9. Tested this a Founders and had no glitching at all. I have a feeling that it might be a graphics card glitch or a low end graphics card.

    10. Tested on the test server and all is fine.

    11. Tested this with a 4x8 pioneer cantilever and a pioneer 8m beam and would not sink would turn yellow on top of but not level. See attached screenshots.

    12. Made a new character on test just to test this out and is good to go.

    13. Tested on every type of bin i had and confirmed to be working fine.








    21. Also Tested this at the same location as Pwnuts and had not problems with collision.



    24. I can not test this as i do not have USB headphones!

    I did notice on the test server that if i look through windows it causes all built items walls/doors/tents to be gone and can see the ground/environment out side of the tribe area. Don't know if that's supposed to be or not on the test server.
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    17. did you remove all old tar and salt spots or just the locations sark reported in the original post?

    in case you didnt remove others, there was a huge tarspot poping up by loading issues long time ago on the top of the mountain south of misery island. it should be around the middle of zone 779, there is only one huge mountain. if you need the exact cords i am sure sark can post them since he live close and know this tarspot as well.

    9. buildings do glitch when they are sunken to the ground and the top reach the same level than dirt surface. they also can completly dissapear in certain angels. to reproduce it please check scrapper freeway walls zone 978 pos 630/530 on the peaceserver

    there are glitches if buildings overlap into each other, for example roofs connected to each other ( with the new arch system as well )
    these could be the problem the player who reported had, i can not confirm glitching floors unless they are sunken into the ground.
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    Regarding the comments so far:

    to Pwnuts:

    3) Skill and Stat Tracker.
    Skills should now show both recent and total uses. The total uses have been saved over time. The recent uses will be skill uses over the past 7 game play days. This will be incorrect and show a greater amount of uses until you've logged seven days and the tracker has completely updated.

    Stats should only show actual recent uses over the past 7 game play days. This will need to update for 7 days to be completely correct. Total stat uses were never stored. I could add a tally of the current total stat uses but they will not be accurate for most long time players.

    My questions:
    - Are you not seeing both the recent and total Skill uses?
    - Are the Skill use totals incorrect or different than what you see on the Main Servers?
    - Or were you looking for a total on Stat uses?

    6) Please delete Anim.xsip from the Data directory and patch again. Possibly the animation did not patch for you. Other players have confirmed that it looks good now.

    9) The bug reported is different than the issues you mention.

    - I will check the sunken walls you mention but that sounds like a typical problem when two faces of a rendered mesh are co-planar. It's a DirectX issue that maybe will go away when I upgrade DirectX.

    - Overlapping parts is a similar DirectX issue when rendering co-planar faces of different meshes. The only solution is for me to adjust specific meshes that typically have this problem. This is part of another deferred bug report and I will ask for specific meshes to adjust later.

    17) I only removed the reported salt and tar pit. If there are other locations where these are out of place and should be removed please post the coordinates.

    22) I'll look into this additional issue.

    to Mooncatcher

    3) Are you Skill totals showing as 0 on the current Test Server? Or are the number correct now?

    11) I'll have to check that particular combination.

    to Everyone

    1) I'll explain the Skill and Stat Tracker to make sure that it's function is clear. Now that the trackers are corrected this is how they should work.

    - Both trackers update once per real day.
    - The trackers update ONLY for players that have logged in during that specific day.
    - Each update, the current day uses are set to 0
    - For Stats only 7 days of recent uses are stored
    - For Skills, 7 days of recent uses are stored AND a running total is stored.

    You will need to log in to the Test Server then check back the next day and your recent use total should decrease as the current day is reset and the seventh day is removed.

    2) Currently there are known issues with water and other buildings being invisible behind certain building parts. This is due to occlusion being correctly implemented now but I need to create new occlusion meshes. I will start a new thread for issues such as these and we'll keep this thread for feedback on the specific bug fixes only.

    Thanks very much!

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    Peace Server Backup


    My questions:
    - Are you not seeing both the recent and total Skill uses?
    - Are the Skill use totals incorrect or different than what you see on the Main Servers?
    - Or were you looking for a total on Stat uses?
    yes it show up both for me. i compared it the the screen of the report i made, and my current terraforming skill shows 141.516 uses. i assume this amount is the correct number.

    probly it worked before but i had not the amount of uses on the warserver backup since i played less on this one.

    i am not looking for stat uses since they'll reset anyway.

    6. no diffrence on this backup. i logged in after i redownloaded the anim.xsip, and after that i also redownloaded the texture.xsip. it still the same, i'll add another screen.

    17. its zone 779 pos 630/480. currently there is a tribe of the player Jemma calls Mystery Island Mountain.

    4. i know a spot where i had this gap whenever i crossed the zones around. i just passed it 2 times and it does not happen to me anymore.

    1) I'll explain the Skill and Stat Tracker to make sure that it's function is clear. Now that the trackers are corrected this is how they should work.
    currently skills can decay when they hit 0 recent uses. you should disable this system because with this patch it will force player to make sure they use every skill they have on a higher lvl at least once per 7 (active) days.
    the system about skilldecay is pretty good, i have never seen anything similar to other games. but a player should be able to decide which skils he want to go down or not in the future as well. since we have the locks, and since as more skills you have high all other skills will raise slower again and again, it would mess up the system how it worked till now.

    i understand its your desire skills reset, and now were it shows total uses i have no problem about that anymore. but if skills that hit 0 recent uses can decay by raising another skill in the same category -no matter if a player control the decay with locks on another skill that is dropping- it would destroy the effort a whole bunch of player putted.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    To Mooncatcher

    11) I patched out an update for the 4x8 cantilevers. Beams should fit correctly on those parts now. Previously I had only patched out a fix for the 4x4 cantilevers. Please confirm that it's correct now.

    To Pwnuts

    6) Sorry about that. The female version of the animation wasn't patched out. I patched out the female version just now. Please check again.

    Regarding the skill tracker: The way it is currently working on the Main Servers is not what was even intended! It's a broken messed up system updating correctly only for players that happen to be online when the update runs. Skill should reset to 0 daily uses so that players can better control what skills decay through use in addition to the locks.

    Only the least used unlocked skills will decay. That's how it's supposed to be. If this requires players to use a few unlocked skills so they don't decay, that's exactly how the system is intended to work.

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    Confirmed that the 4x8 cantilever and beams now sit correct. The tracker was showing the total uses but not has went to 0 total uses after using that skill not sure if that is the way it is intended to work or not.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	tracker.jpg 
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post

    To Pwnuts

    Only the least used unlocked skills will decay. That's how it's supposed to be. If this requires players to use a few unlocked skills so they don't decay, that's exactly how the system is intended to work.
    can you consider to raise the amount from 2 to 4-5?
    crafting skills are kind of easy to get back, but for combat skills and gathering skills it takes thousands of actions to get them back by 0.1 ( at some point )
    if you would consider it only for the 2 mentioned categorys, it would be satisfying already. i am aware that you dont want player to lock a lot of skills, so they have to deal with the skill decay. but you know very well the speed a gathering/combat skill raise.

    also i highly suggest to correct the showed skill lvl. a crafting skill show lvl 100 but the msg that the skill finally reached that lvl needs a few hundret uses more. in this case a player wont recognize the skill started to decay and may loose quality on the final craft - even fall back to 99q by using only supreme mats. gathering and combat need more uses to recive the msg.

    6.) the patch fixed it. now it works for female charackter as well
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    Thanks guys for all the help checking these!

    It looks like these are all good to go now.

    To Pwnuts:

    Aside from finally fixing the trackers, I really can't mess around with the skill system right now. I have too much in progress already. Once my task list is shorter I need to review and revise the skill system properly.

    Originally I had planned a system more similar to UO, but not as limiting. In UO, if I recall correctly, you can max around 15% of your skills if the rest are at 0. I was planning a cap allowing a player to max somewhere between 25% to 50% of skills if the rest were at 0. Skill gain and loss was meant to be at the same linear rate, making it easy for players to choose what skills to currently max or lose.

    The current system with 'soft caps', decreasing gain rates and balancing with always an overall skill gain was designed to please players. I honestly don't like how it's working at all.

    The speed of gains was set when I had a larger more active test team and was supposed to be balanced. Only much later did I hear from players that it was not properly balanced with certain skills being too difficult to gain.

    So... The system needs to be revised, but this time I will run extensive data tests and not just rely on player input. The best time to do this is when I can release new skills which will come at the end of the creature updates. For now I'd like to close out these bugs and minor issues and then we can start testing the creature revisions. Skill revisions will come after.

    Thanks again!

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