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    09/09/2016 - Feedback Request - Test Server Optimizations

    The Test Server is up with another round of optimizations.

    For this round all remaining 'packets' (communication between the game client and server) have been optimized as well as functions relating to the town panel, tribe panel, quests and trade.

    These optimizations reduce the bandwidth of traffic between the client and server and reduce the amount of memory used both by the client and server.

    Basically any and all game functions can be checked out! (The Guide Team has already been helping me test)

    There shouldn't be any noticeable changes but if there is something that seems off or different than on the main servers, please let me know.


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    Ok...din have a lot of time to do a full testing but so far I noticed a few things diff but they may be attributed to the diff. of the ping/fps on test server vs. real servers.

    1) chop trees and the image of the tree remains even after destroying the stump and making logs from the felled tree. image cannot be recut.

    2) seems like a 1/2 sec delay when bringing up a command window, ie: click ona bin and options appear...1/2 sec for options to appear.

    3) Oasis has a spot in it where it sits on like 3-4 areas/zones?...this is where I would on a reg. server, lag while info is loaded sometimes causing a crash. on reg server I would stop and let info catch up till ping reduced and I would not sprint. On test server I sprinted and never stopped and no lag.

    I hope to find someone one when im available to test combat to see if this helped the desync.

    I will test more in a cple days.

    BTW new puter uses win 7, I5 gen 3, 16 gb ram, 950gtx 2gb but still a slower sata HD.


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    Hi Mookie,

    1) I've fixed the issue with chopping trees on the current Test Server.

    2) This is most likely due to the higher ping on the Test Server. You are located in the US, correct?

    3) Sounds good!


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    ok....when I did my first had the war server loaded...I said cool I can test combat. but now I go to see if anyone is there to do a test and you have the peace server loaded. Yes I could test with animals but that would not be the same...we need to test if people from other parts of the world have better sync in combat.

    I did the same quick tests I did before and yes the trees are fixed and the sprinting still worked ok tho I saw ping difference this time with some small lag...after the lag tho the ping dropped quicker than on a reg. server. command text boxes still had the 1/2 sec delay but most will not see that.


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    I had a quick look at the trade and quest totems

    Nice improvement with the addition of the actual zone number for the tribe selling the item.

    Other then the visual difference on the tribe totem i couldnt see any difference, though it looked good, am I missing something?

    I created a quest on the quest totem, it works but it didnt list the title of the quest.

    another thing, i like the Total Uses displayed on a skill, but as soon as you use the skill the total uses goes to 0

    Anything else i should be looking at ?


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    I've been making changes on the Test Server but it's not quite ready for public testing. What you see now is in progress. I'll close this thread for now and post a new thread when I'm ready again for public tests.


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