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    Feedback Request - Improvements (Test Server)

    The Test Server is currently running with a bunch of minor improvements based on player suggestions.

    If you find any problems or issues with any of these improvements, please let me know. Thanks!

    01) Action bar is saved server side. Saves action bar per character per server. Action bar will be the same even when logging in from different computers.

    02) Totem can be rotated using the right click selection.

    03) Players can be invited to your tribe using right click drop down menu.

    04) Your Tribe can be given a separate Town name from your Tribe Totem. The Town name should display as the name of your Territory in the Map Panel.

    05) You Tribe name can be changed from the Tribe Totem.

    06) Typing Y or N for yes and no works at discard prompt / confirm prompts.

    07) Roofs protect from rain all the way down. This applies to the rain buff.

    08) Permissions can be set by rank.

    09) Gate Locks can be set by rank.

    10) Tool tips display a note for female or male only armor and clothing.

    11) Crafting panel has min and max arrows for setting the number of items to craft.

    12) The Tribe Leader is better indicated in the Town Panel member list.

    13) Command from the Town Panel allows you to promote another player to Tribe Leader.

    14) Plowed land decays to dirt over time.

    15) Creature names indicate gender, age and power.

    16) Global Trade Panel displays item's tribe location using Zone X and Z coordinates.

    17) Text in Trade Totem columns appear centered aligned.

    18) You can right click players to invite them to a temporary Party. Party members display life and energy bars.

    19) You can chat with members of your Party using /p in chat.

    20) Tribe actions available through the Social Panel, Tribe Tab.

    21) You can use the Social Panel, Party Tab to invite players to your Party by name.

    22) You can use the Social Panel, Tribe Tab to invite players to your Tribe by name.

    23) You can invite a player to your Party by name by typing /invite name in chat.

    24) You can invite a player to your Tribe by name by typing /tinvite name in chat.
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    So far everything is good . Have tested most of everything on the list PVP combat is a lot better then before cant seem to be able to move trade/quest totems after placing them. Party hp bars work doesn't show other players hp percentage . Did find a bug with totem panel . If I have the tribe panel open being a leader and the tribe leader opens the totem panel at the same time I am able to change tribe name and town name when I shouldn't have the option to also that works with regular members . Also it shows for 2 different name color buttons on the tribe panel where it should be one for banner and one for color. And with party being able to hit each other while in a party will more then likely cause problems in the long run.
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    agree PVP combat is much improved, before I couldnt hit my alt if it was running, now i can easily. so it is improved. I could even hit my alt has it ran past me while i was stationery, which would have been nigh on impossible before. couldnt test with another player.

    No sliding whatsoever and jumping/anims on one screen, showed very closely after on the other very much better then before. I did get the stuck in combat visual glitch occaisonally ie when I look at my alt its showing a combat pose, but not on the alts screen itself, this occurred during combat presumably through constantly going into and out of combat mode.

    There is quite a tight distance limit on right clicking on a player to join a party, caught me out at first, but realised eventually.

    The party system functions.
    agree only your own actual HP numbers display, not the other party members ( dunno if thats intended).
    Party chat works with /p

    I did notice after moving the party frame around the screen by dragging it, that sometimes if you tried to transfer an item from a pouch to a bag the pointer would not select the item. but this was intermittent.

    The party is dropped if only 1 member is online, i presume thats intended.

    Tribe leader transfer works now where before you had to kick the leader before the leader icon would move

    If i had the tribe panel open on 2 screens at the same time, when I changed Tabs on one screen it changed tabs on the other as well, though Maybe cos I was playing through 2 clients on one IP and PC- I dunno on that one.

    new trees growing on roads, not something i could test. all i saw was the old mature trees that were there before.

    agree the Trade and Quest Totems now cannot be moved at all, while the tribe one can be rotated.

    On Town name change, the town name replaces the tribe name on the mini map so that the tribe name isnt shown at all.

    Didnt notice any rain, so didnt notice any rain falling through roofs.

    didnt see any ploughed texture on public land, so dont know if its reverting.

    I noticed my WeaponCraft schemecap increased from 40 to 53. Didnt see any other
    craft affected.

    I noticed that you removed the recently added 2nd decimal on the stats panel.
    That was to me at least a welcome addition, though 99.99 would diplay correctly
    100.99 would display with the final 9 being on the line below. any chance to bring that back
    but all on one line ?

    a lot of changes done Thank You

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    I've updated the Test Server with the following changes and fixes:

    1) The Town Panel should display the correct buttons for your rank regardless of who else is looking at the Totem.

    2) The text for the Tribe Emblem button in the Town Panel has been corrected.

    3) Life (hp) should display correctly for party members. (I had set it up based on players loaded in your visible zones so players in your party but not nearby weren't working correctly. Life should display properly now in all cases.)

    4) Party list blocking other actions like inventory dragging fixed. Basically the 'blocking' for this panel was too big and an invisible section of the party list could block other panels, like inventory panels.

    5) You should not be able to hit party members.

    I have comments on other issues noted above.

    1) Moving Trade and Quest Totems. This looks ok to me. To move one of these Totems you just place the Totem again using the Tribe Panel.

    2) Party dropping when you're down to one member. Yes, this is how it's supposed to work.

    3) Weaponcraft shows a higher number of schemes. Yes, I've added new weapons to the table for an upcoming patch.

    4) Decimals in stats and skills. The second decimal place will be part of a second 'suggestions' patch. I have to revise the panel to properly fit the numbers and want to improve the stat and skill panels a bit while I do this.

    5) Distance for inviting party members. This is the standard distance. I'll check it and see if it makes sense to increase it. You can also invite by name using the Social panel.

    I'm glad that the positions and pvp are improved! They also seem much better to me in my tests. The position / synchronization changes will apply to creatures as well.

    I've missed something please let me know. Thanks!

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    had a bit of time while waiting for certain probate info From My Ma's death so sorry I'm Late in giving data.

    2) only rotates the pole position

    4,5,6) OK

    10) only had a few sets to look at...Cimerron set shows all female...but I have an Angora skirt that does not show female. Unless you made some armour like this for the trans genders.

    15) OK

    16) on test I only see 0 0 co-ords. will patched version actually show the location?

    17,18,19) OK

    20) my feeling is this will be another place where accidental removal will happen...don't like it.

    21,22) OK


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    I've updated the Test Server with the following changes.

    1) Party members now display both life and energy bars.

    2) Angora armor properly set to 'female only'. Apparently this set of armor was never assigned properly.

    3) Coordinates for items in global trades corrected. (They were working but not in all cases.)


    1) For rotating the totem, it should rotate the pole, base and head of the totem all together. This is working fine for me and for Guides that helped me test so far. Is this not working properly for anyone else, or just Mookie? Or am I misunderstanding the comment?

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    1) For rotating the totem, it should rotate the pole, base and head of the totem all together. This is working fine for me and for Guides that helped me test so far. Is this not working properly for anyone else, or just Mookie? Or am I misunderstanding the comment?

    Yes you can rotate the Tribe totem, this works as it should, rotation only, not moving.

    Trade and Quest Totem,

    You can move them on live using the move option and pressing the arrows
    but on the test these arrows do not function, so I dont understand when you say remove
    and drop them again, when we already have the ability to move them on live.

    It is useful to move the trade and quest totem because you cant drop them in certain places
    due to blocking of various objects, but you can drop nearby and move them to where you want them.

    eg cant drop a trade totem on a deck but you can move it onto the deck.

    3) Life (hp) should display correctly for party members. (I had set it up based on players loaded in your visible zones so players in your party but not nearby weren't working correctly. Life should display properly now in all cases.)

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    I've restarted the Test Server.

    1) You should be able to move and rotate Trade and Quest Totems.

    2) Please let me know if there are any problems chopping trees into logs. A problem was reported but it all looks ok to me with today's update.


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    Totem rotation now works for me.

    1) ok

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    The Angora set is one of the original armors. Has always been unisex. Oh well, there goes my dex set. Never used it anyway.

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