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Thread: PC requirements

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    PC requirements

    Been talking to my brothers (got 3 of'em) about joining the game, pre-ordering etc. and while I'm confident my machine will run the game no problem they are in a little different situation.

    First all 3 are stuck with laptops at the moment, can the game be played easily with the smaller keyboard layouts of laptops?

    second what are some good specs to have with your computer using windows 7? I'm looking mostly for CPU speed/type graphics card info and RAM here.

    by the way, no suggestions of "get a desktop" please, it's not possible for them at the moment.
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    Re:PC requirements

    I wouldn't say anything less then dual core with at least 2 gigs maybe could get away with 1.5 idk

    as for graphics card...i have a geforce 7950 and run between 9 and 20 FPS

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    Re:PC requirements

    Do you know if there would be any issues with running on a Mac Book Pro? I'd be running it on Windows XP. I've got Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM and GeForce 9600.
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    Re:PC requirements

    Well a 9600 blows a 7950 out of the water, so I would say you are ok since you have a dual core along with plenty of RAM.

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    Re:PC requirements

    ChildOfXsyon wrote:
    Do you know if there would be any issues with running on a Mac Book Pro? I'd be running it on Windows XP. I've got Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM and GeForce 9600.
    besides the fact that macs arn't supported with trouble shooting problems no.

    I know it supposedly runs just as a windows machine would...but its still a mac, i can't see how it can fully work as windows pc

    on a side note i hate those mac ads (a mac is a pc <_< )

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    Re:PC requirements

    I fully agree with you on the label issue. I do video editing and macs and the software work the best. At least in the corporate office I work. We're no Industrial Light and Magic.
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    Re:PC requirements

    Well I have been playing on my MacBookPro in Windows 7.
    Runs fine, not great, be prepared to turn some settings gown.

    on a side note, Virtus, just because you dont see how it fully work as a windows pc, does not mean it doesn't.

    second note: the 9600m has about half the computation power of the desktop 9600.
    There is the high level design of a gameplay mechanic. Then there is what everyone does in spite of it.

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    Re:PC requirements

    Thanks :lol:
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    Re:PC requirements

    ok, so what about the laptop keyboard layout situation?

    I know in other games they have played, they could map them all to work... but not wondering if theres any players in game now playing from a laptop, that might be able to verify the ease of using the smaller keyboard
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    Re:PC requirements

    depends really on how comfortable one is with a laptop really, some people like a laptop keyboard others don't.

    However, beyond that all binds are customizable

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