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  1. Looking for a tribe(active)
  2. Looking to start a tribe
  3. oceanic tribe!!
  4. Looking for a home.
  5. New Couple looking for a tribe.
  6. Possibly looking for a tribe
  7. Hunter/Soldier/Scavenger Looking for Tribe
  8. Tribal Directory: Intro
  9. Tribal Directory: Good Alignment
  10. PST Timezone couple looking for a tribe
  11. Still Looking Evil
  12. Looking for tribe
  13. Former Eve player (7 years) looking for tribe
  14. Yet another looking for a tribe.
  15. Tribal Directory: Neutral Alignment
  16. Tribal Directory: Evil Alignment
  17. Tribal Directory: Languages
  18. Looking for a Tribe
  19. Looking for a PvP Oriented Tribe.
  20. Looking for a mature tribe
  21. Couple looking for a tribe in Southern Area
  22. Looking for Tribe
  23. looking for mature guild (EU based if possible)
  24. You guessed it!
  25. Russian Speaking Tribe
  26. New guy looking for (EU) tribe
  27. New Player looking for mature tribe
  28. Looking for a tribe
  29. Extramly Active British player LF Active fun tribe
  30. A newbie toolcrafter looking for a tribe
  31. New English player looking for good ligned mature!
  32. Looking for a small Homestead/Tribe
  33. Looking for a tribe!
  34. Looking for an ambitous tribe
  35. Oy! Look here you maggot.
  36. Looking for a mature dedicated tribe!
  37. locking for asian tribe :P
  38. New player looking for mature/organzied/dedicated
  39. Looking for NA tribe.
  40. new player looking for a PvP/Building tribe.
  41. Hey there!
  42. Looking to join or form a Tribe [EU]
  43. Newcomer looking for PVP
  44. DF Blood Member LFT
  45. DF player looking to join other Darkfallers
  46. New player looking for a tribe needing... anything
  47. Are any tribes focused around trade/commerce?
  48. New Player Looking for a mature, casual tribe
  49. New player to the world of XSYON!
  50. Looking for solid PVP tribe / Evil
  51. Looking for Helpful tribe.
  52. Tribe?
  53. Seeking Soge
  54. Looking for a 'Neutral" or "Good" Tribe.
  55. looking for PVP based tribe
  56. 4 People Looking for Tribe
  57. Looking for a pvp/architecture tribe
  58. English/European Based Tribe
  59. Looking for an European,preferably Swedish, tribe!
  60. Looking for an evil pvp tribe
  61. Looking for Oceanic Tribe
  62. Looking for a tribe that lives in forest country
  63. Tribe - EU or elsewhere ;)
  64. 2 EU players (NL) looking for a tribe
  65. [US] 2 Crafers looking for a Neutral tribe
  66. Any Finnish tribe herer yet?
  67. LFT, desire most evil of evil, Shadowbane Vet
  68. LFT English, European, good or neutral, mature
  69. Adult LFT US EST - No Clue About This Game!
  70. NA Competitive Gamer PvP/Hunting
  71. need a tribe for prelude
  72. Looking for a big tribe
  73. I am looking for a semi RP tribe/serious tribe.
  74. looking for a mature uk tribe
  75. Looking for US EST Tribe. (Neutral/Good + PvP)
  76. Looking for tribe.
  77. Old dogs, New tricks
  78. I'm new and i'm looking for a tribe
  79. Anyone needs another member?
  80. Very new and looking for a small tribe/homestead
  81. Looking for a tribe
  82. Crafter/PvP Player looking for Tribe
  83. LFT - SWG Ranger and Sage/Healer type player
  84. looking for a family friendly tribe
  85. Not Looking for a Tribe...
  86. Brand New Player Looking for Tribe...
  87. New UK player looking for relaxed tribe
  88. Looking for a friendly, voice active, mature tribe
  89. Looking for a tribe - War server
  90. Looking for a pvp tribe
  91. Looking for a big tribe with ventrilo.
  92. UK Player looking for laid-back tribe
  93. looking for Tribe
  94. War Server: LFT
  95. Combat/LeatheCraft Looking for a good placed Tribe
  96. Looking for a heavy RP tribe.
  97. Group of Friends Looking for a tribe.
  98. Looking for tribe that needs builders.
  99. Very new player lft
  100. PvP orientened player needs tribe
  101. LF tribe
  102. Looking for Serious Tribe - PVP/RP
  103. LF Tribe
  104. LF Mid-Sized Tribe
  105. LFT - Here we go again
  106. RP Tribe wanted
  107. LF Finnish tribe or
  108. so I guess im looking for a Tribe.
  109. LFT - Aussie player seeks N or G Tribe
  110. Looking for a Tribe
  111. EST. Dynamic Duo LFT!
  112. im looking for a warlike tribe
  113. Any non-RP spanish tribe out there?
  114. Looking for a tribe
  115. UK Player Seeks Pvp!
  116. Looking to stop in and work for several tribes...
  117. Guess I'm lookin' for a tribe.
  118. looking for a casual tribe
  119. Looking for a tribe as well.
  120. Looking for a Tribe...
  121. Looking for a tribe with optional PVP/RP
  122. Looking for a tribe
  123. Future Witch Doctor looking for tribe.
  124. Looking For: Fun Active Casual Tribe
  125. Just curious?
  126. Tribe?
  127. New Player LFT
  128. Looking for Fun!
  129. Two people looking for a Tribe.
  130. LF Tribe
  131. Looking for a home
  132. Lookin for Tribe
  133. Looking For Tribe
  134. Looking for a fun tribe
  135. Seeking Tribe!
  136. Looking for Good Alignment EST Tribe.
  137. New player looking for a tribe
  138. Looking for a tribe
  139. need a tribe
  140. New to game
  141. n00b looking for a home
  142. LF a tribe.
  143. New in the world, LF for home :)
  144. Player looking for friendly tribe
  145. LF evil tribe with pvp, crafting and organization
  146. New player looking for home
  147. Join
  148. New to the game and looking for a tribe
  149. just got game looking for tribe
  150. LF a Tribe
  151. Looking for Tribe/Busco Tribu
  152. newb look for tribe
  153. When I say noob...
  154. Looking for an English speaking funny/fun tribe ;D
  155. Looking for a tribe...
  156. LFT
  157. LF a home.
  158. Two - four looking for mercenary tribe
  159. Looking for the Czechoslovak or any slavic tribe
  160. Procurando Brasileiros - Looking for Brazilians
  161. Brand new and looking for a tribe
  162. New to game ,looking for a smaller tribe
  163. New and Looking for a tribe
  164. New to the game and searching for a tribe
  165. Runco Ceteri Minea
  166. UK based player lft for crafting and funtimes
  167. Started Today! Looking for a tribe!
  168. Starting Today - Looking for a fun Tribe!
  169. German is looking for tribe - write it in German
  170. New to Game --Lookin for a tribe
  171. Looking for a tribe: Good - Lawful [New Player]
  172. Yup..
  173. New Player Here, Experienced MMO Player
  174. LF a tribe for pvp/crafting. Active daily.
  175. need tribe to join
  176. Hello new to game looking for an older gamer tribe
  177. Where's BAD AS CAN at??
  178. Looking for A Tribe
  179. Me and a friend are looking for an active tribe
  180. Brand new.
  181. New Player looking to found new tribe.
  182. Looking for active tribe
  183. Looking for a friendly tribe (Preferably evil)
  184. New guy looking for a tribe :)
  185. i'm new and lonely.
  186. Looking for pvp tribe (aggressive and evil)
  187. New player looking for a home
  188. Downloading now, looking for a mature tribe
  189. 0800-1200 ET US Noob Seeking Guidance
  190. Newbie here looking for a tribe.
  191. New Player Looking for Tribe
  192. New player looking for a home.
  193. Player in a GMT+8 region looking for comrades! :D
  194. Experienced player looking for tribe
  195. Xsyon Virgin looking for guidance
  196. New Xsyon player looking for serious Roleplaying.
  197. New player looking for tribe
  198. New player looking for a tribe.
  199. Danish player looking for tribe!
  200. New player looking for a Tribe
  201. New, old school mmo player looking for older Tribe
  202. Looking for Tribe
  203. New player looking for tribe
  204. Tribal Recruiting?
  205. Looking for Tribe
  206. In need of a tribe
  207. To all those wanting something new, freshing!
  208. New Player
  209. new player
  210. Blackwind is looking for a tribe
  211. New player looking for a Tribe
  212. im new!
  213. Looking for like-minded players...
  214. Noob, Looking for an Evil sided Tribe
  215. Blacklisted is Recruiting
  216. New Player
  217. Looking for a tribe...
  218. Greetings!
  219. Another Returning Player
  220. looking for a uk tribe
  221. new player looking for tribe
  222. lft
  223. New Player Seeking Ambitious Tribe
  224. NOOOB LFT
  225. New Player, Looking For Tribe!
  226. Just resubbed, looking for a nice small community.
  227. New European player - LFT
  228. New player looking for a smallish tribe.
  229. New Char looking for New Char(s)
  230. Character looking for a tribe
  231. Looking for a new, small upstart tribe.
  232. Returning to Xyson, this time looking for a tribe!
  233. New To Xsyon, Looking for Friendly Tribe to Join
  234. Very New Player
  235. Looking for new / recent tribe
  236. New and looking for tribe.
  237. German Player search Community
  238. New player from Puerto Rico
  239. New player looking for tribe, Good|Neutral, GMT-5 Evenings
  240. Good and Helping tribes for a new player
  241. Four Twenty
  242. Looking for active danish tribe DK
  243. Any active good tribes out there?
  244. Newbie Looking for a guild to join
  245. just started playing, but want to be part of a small tribe
  246. IM new and looking for a french tribes !!!
  247. Procuro tribo Brasileira/Portuguesa-- Loking for a portuguese/ brasilian tribe
  248. Anyone still about interested in some sort of roleplay tribe?
  249. I'm a new player, Looking for a helpful Tribe
  250. Elric: New Player looking for active Tribe