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04-23-2018, 05:24 PM
Hello as the title suggests im looking for certain mason blueprints the only things i have worth trading are forager carts 15 10 and 5 slot carts but i am willing to gather stuff for you if that would work Or if your looking for something specific i can try to find it and then trade you after i obtain it

Blue Prints Needed:
Mason Corner Floor 8x8
Mason Railing 1 2m
Mason Railing Corner 2
Mason Heavy Gate
Mason Len Post
Mason Base Post
Mason Low Limestone Corner
Mason Truss 4x4
Mason Corner Truss 4x4
Mason Beam 8.8m
Mason Cantilever 4x4
Mason Corner Cantilever 4x4
Mason Cantilever 8x8
Mason Corner Cantilever 8x8
Mason Cantilever 4x8

I'm sure some of these are mist trader only but im not for sure which ones so if anyone cares to share their knowledge it would be appreciated :) you can hit me up here or ingame either works for me thanks!

04-23-2018, 11:49 PM
The mason 16m beam/trusses can definitely be found in the mist trader (or if you wait until real life xmas, you might put it on your wish list for Santa Xsyon).

In the mist trader these require 10,000 dollars each. If your tribe is big enough (5 or more members), it can set a tent,canopy,teepe as mist trader and select to trade with mason tribe.

If you go to any mist trader post, open the trade window, then on the bottom of the window select global trade, then enter "mason" in the search field, you can see where and what is on trade currently. I have seen one of the 16m beams today.

Take care not to mix "trade totem" with "trade post" - trade totem is for player sold items, trade post is for mist trader items.

04-25-2018, 07:29 PM
I helped where I could but in the past the active tribes set up trading post camps and myself and several others sold a lot of BP's back then. Most of what I have left is generic so you will have to raise coin and buy from mist traders or sometimes when they do events...they award event tokens which can be redeemed from a Guide for various items including BP's.

I don't have a lot left but they would be free as long as you can get to me fairly quick when I am on.

04-25-2018, 07:40 PM
I got the mason 8x8 truss thank you mookie :) i also took off the beams and truss 16m and 16x16 since they are myst trader exclusive thanks u for the info wyry