View Full Version : Tetu's PvP Market

03-27-2020, 10:42 PM
Unable to find what you need to get what you need done? Or just want to make a trade?

You've come to the right place, we have it ALL!

Message "tetu" in game to start a trade!

Accepted forms of payment: (quality doesnt matter)
$1= Leather Square (All types no scraps)
$1= Cloth Square (All types no scraps)
$1= Bones (All types)
$2= Nails (All types)
$2= 10 Grass Thread (500 thread for $50)
$5= Harvestable creature parts (innards, hides & hide scraps, coon/bear/yote/dog heads)
$2= Harvestable Cones (seed cones that you need to harvest to turn into a usable seed)
$0.5= Dollar Bills (I'll take them, but I don't want them, pay with something else if you want a better rate)

Basic Items offered: (75q+)
Carts ~ 5 slot for $250/ea, 10 slot for $500/ea, 15 slot $750/ea, 20 slot message for price
tools ~ Everything but saws for $20/ea
Axes & clubs $20/ea
Knives & Shovels $100/ea
saws & bone saws ~ $500/ea
granite ~ $2/ea
limestone ~ $2/ea
Tree seeds $0.5/ea
Food seeds $5/ea
All woodcraft items available upon request
All scavenged metal items available upon request
All scavenged plastic items can be found upon request
Need something else? Message me up!

Premium Items offered: (90q+ message for price)
~Master grade Bone Armor
~Master grade Leather Armor
~Master grade Tailor Armor
~Master grade Tools
~Premium Weapons (shovels, axes, knives ect)
~Premium Scavenge Materials (plastics, materials, anything you need)
Need something else? Message me up!

~Cart drop off ~ I come to your location and make a brand new cart at your location so you don't need to travel with it
~Free newb advise
~Free food & safe haven for visitors
~Free starting pack for new players