View Full Version : 08/30/2022 - Feedback Request - Construction Snap - Test Server

08-30-2022, 08:15 PM
Hello everyone!

A new feature for construction is currently running on the Test Server: The Snap feature.

This is fairly self explanatory.

- Select a part you want to work with.
- Select Snap
- Select one of the Snap directions (forward, back, left, right, top)
- Select a second building part to Snap to. The second part must be the same part type as the part you are snapping. (wall to wall, frame to frame etc.)

I hope you all enjoy this little addition!

Please post any feedback or problems encountered with this feature.


09-03-2022, 10:17 AM
Construction snap is a wonderful feature. It helps with building significantly and clean connection of parts. There are a few issues though.

Building ghosts can snap to themselves. This allows them to move pretty large spaces pretty easily. Necessarily wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for the next one.

The snap feature allows buildings to go underground, way further than building depth limit allows, even allowing for buildings to go completely underground and unnoticeable unless somehow clicked on, or the floor makes the terrain easier to walk on. With this, it'll be far easier though likely completely unintended to put buildings or trusses into the ground for more building pieces or hiding. You can even snap new pieces to those underground.

You can't snap a building like a truss that is "In the way" of the snap position if the intended building is the building itself. For example, I placed 2 trusses close to eachother. One truss is to the left of the truss I want to snap it to. If I choose to snap that left truss to the left of the main truss, it gives "The truss is in the way", even though the truss itself is what I want to snap onto that side.

Thin trusses like the Scrapper Truss and the Gadu Truss have issues snapping to eachother. When you snap scrap trusses to eachother north and south, they go offset by about 4 points from the truss. Snapping east and west offsets it by two. Gadu seems to be offset by 2 no matter the direction. All other trusses snap normally and perfectly to eachother.

So far I haven't seen more issues, walls and floors work well. Will test platforms soon.