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06-18-2010, 01:54 AM
I have now spoken in game to two people over course of 2 weeks that actually bought the game to prove it did not exist!!! :woohoo:

Honestly, was shocking to me, but apparently from all people wanting to claim this does not exist some have paid to prove it. funniest part is two of em I spoke to in game that admitted this are having fun in the game and love it. after second one I spoke to today I thought heck I should bring this out as it just proves potential of a game with very creative crafting. I mean we have people paying 40 bucks to proves its total fake and going hey!!! this is interesting =).




06-18-2010, 12:05 PM
I look at it more in terms of Pros and Cons. I try not to be overly skeptical but also not ridiculously optimistic. In other words, I'm not a hater or a fanboi.

Every consumer has an underlying sense to weigh a good or service with the cost. If the cost is too high, then it is a rip. Just like if the cost is too low then it is a bargain or steal. Then if the good or service is not provided at all then it is a scam.

The way I look at it, the pre-order is an investment. So far I would say it looks promising and has potential and instead of just sitting back and criticizing, I will make an effort to help produce a better product by providing feedback and assisting with testing.

However if the game was released (in its current state) on May 15 or June 15 then I would say it would be a bad investment. If the features list is the main justification to purchase a pre-order then consumers will feel cheated. From my experience, so far, I would say I can vouch for 49 bullet points:

overall - (49/123) = 40%

Thus currently the game only satisfys 40% of the features, if the game were released today. Thus it is good it was moved to August and I would not be surprised if it were postponed further. So the good is that it has potential to reach 100% of its expectations, and then we will have to decide if the game is worth paying for or not.