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01-17-2011, 10:26 AM
Bang! The doors slammed shut behind me. That was the last thing i heard, and pain. Things became unclear after that. It had been a chaotic day, Id arrived in Rome the day before and spent the night with some contacts id become friendly with over the years. They had been to London the month before for the big G8 protests. They were very welcoming, probably because i waS pretty well know on the scene. Reading Marx and Engles as a teenager had convinced me that the way the world operated was wrong.

Since then, over the years i had become more and more active, firstly with the socialist party and later as my views began to change, with various anarchist groups. The socialists are just as bad, i thought, we need a fresh start, without the state controlling our lives! I set up and began recruiting to a positive action anarchist group and we became active around europe. Mainly creating disorder at protests, that kind of thing.

Well my night in Rome was an enjoyable one, my new "friends" showed me around and we had a look at the site for tomorrows demonstration. It had been organised by various left wing groups to oppose the corruption within the Italian political system. We had much success in the past at these events, encouraging disorder and minor riots. This time was going to be different. For the first time we had managed to put together a device. Just a small bomb designed to cause casualties amongst the police. We went out that night to place it in a bin close to the square where we beleived the police would be gathering, at last i was thinking we were making a difference, talking was getting us nowhere.

As i started to regain consiousness i was remembering moments from my recent (i think) past. Like photo's but with feelings attached, i could smell smoke, see destruction around me. But myself, I was hurt i realised something had gone wrong, but i was alive. The next thing i remembered was being put onto a plane. I dont remember an airport i dont think i saw anything. Just heard sounds, whispers and the occasional kick to my stomach. I was being taken somewhere but i had no idea where.

And now, i wake up what has happened? There is no wreckage around me, no signs of anything just desolation and a lake. Now what i think to myself.. is this the end of me? or the begining? And where the hell am I?

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