View Full Version : World First Pioneer Cart!

01-23-2012, 12:29 AM
and tomorrow Craftsman pioneer cart! Enjoy folks! :-)

01-23-2012, 03:57 AM
Picture doesn't work for me

01-23-2012, 02:02 PM
The pic is still pending approval. I wonder if it has racing stripes and side-pipes...

Added after 7 Hours 35 minutes:

LOL, Fatboy. It looks like you have a used car lot there. Nice hat btw, elf.

01-24-2012, 02:26 AM
Hello Fatboy,

I see you have been busy and I love the new pioneer cart, now we can have a tribe cart race against our tribe :)

See yah in game ,

Angelique/ Shaina

01-25-2012, 12:01 PM
Thanks for the new cart Fatboy, I love it! I have already been putting it to good use. What a job getting back to our tribe. I think it took me three hours. The worst part was finding a route I could get over the mountains. ;)