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05-14-2012, 10:14 AM
Please post your Questions to the developers below...

Thank you.

05-14-2012, 11:30 AM
Please give us an idea when all roof structures will be capable of holding containers, and when they will be rentable.

I know 2-3 story structures were put on hold but were almost complete. I did not see them in any "rounds of development". Do you intend to put them back on the table soon?

Approximately a year ago I started bugging Guides/Devs about gender correct attire for female avatars....what is the timeline for implementing this ingame?

Have you considered making baskets/bins moveable using the same feature as the water barrels? If so, when?

Wainwrights have to level bonecrafting & leathercrafting to make different kinds of carts, this prevents them from choosing the ability to master any other skill since the soft cap was introduced. They can rely on woodcrafters & basketry etc. for some parts & I think the same should be true for bonecrafters & leathercrafters. Would you think about changing this?

What is scrapcrafting?

Btw, good job!


05-14-2012, 12:27 PM
Will the totem decay update, bring with it basket decay. In other words, will baskets/bags/pouches left out OFF totem land become accessable, no longer locked?

I have noticed a lack of pants patterns in Tailoring, any chance of getting some pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses?

Totem safe zones in PvP, will there be a way to have real warfare, with tribal war, in the near future or is it a pipedream and this is just going to become the next Hello Kitty Litterbox?

On the Forums is it possible to link ingame Character Names with the Forum Account, like Face Of Mankind does?

05-15-2012, 08:06 PM
logging a tree have a realistic timer.
destroying a lying log is one hit!?..
is it difficult to change (the one hit for destroying) to a timer with destroying 10-30 seconds ?(its realistic)
i have many ideas to bring player events to life:
short look on one Event ALPHA-"Temple of Gods" http://xsyon.de/#buildingtemple.html

05-20-2012, 05:04 PM
Removed and answered to inbox.


Added after 37 minutes:

replied to in inbox and awaiting a response. I really liked the part where you said the bear kill never happened when DDT had already made a post showing it happening, priceless.

05-21-2012, 12:31 AM
After free time is over....

Will large tribes that have unsubbed members, lose tribe radius, due to insufficent members for current radius status, if their numbers drop below the number required to obtain it? Single member tribe totems will decay if unsubbed member, so in essence, they are losing radius for insufficent numbers required to maintain radius status. If not, how will you justify to 3 man tribes that are limited in space allowed in which to build. Will you implement a different system for determining tribe radius size?