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05-24-2012, 07:46 AM
Saturday Trade Fair – Hosted by Rainy River Tribe

Greetings Survivors! The people of Rainy River are proud and honoured to host The Xsyon World Trade Fair on Saturday. (8pm GMT, 12pm PST, 3pm EST)
In addition to the usual market, we will be organising some games and Scheduled events for your enjoyment. Please come along and join in the fun! We will be offering free food from our Post-Apocalyptic Snack Stall, and have lots of goods to sell, there will of course be other vendors from across the Lake Tahoe Community (if any vendors would like a stall please contact any RR member).

Rainy River Guards will be posted to ensure the safety of attendees during our hosting. As well as storage facilities for valuables while participating in any of the scheduled events.

Scheduled Events:

8.30pm GMT - Lighthouse Long-Jump - Participants will ascend the RR Lighthouse and jump to the east, small prize if you clear the river, the furthest jumper overall will win a handcart. (RR accepts no responsibility for accidental injury whilst taking part in this event!)

9.00pm - Rainy River Relay - Participants will be in teams of four. The route will be marked by Banaya-Habi Post Checkpoints and we will show the route beforehand. Prizes will be awarded for the winning team. You can use this thread to announce teams, find team mates, or team mates will be assigned on the day.

9.30pm Treasure Hunt - Find the Feathers! Feathers 'found by' a specific person will be hidden in public baskets on open tribe land (no baskets will be placed in buildings or tents), the person that brings the most back wins a prize.

Unscheduled events:

Whack-a-Monkey - think whack-a-mole, but more fun! Cost 10 nails for 5 tries to hit ChunkyMonkey, if you hit him you win a weapon of your choice from the vendor.

Creators Basket Shuffle - Play Creators patented basket shuffle guessing game - great fun for all the family!

All this and much more!

We hope to see you all at the Event!

Rainy River Update - Prizes Announced

The People of Rainy River would like to announce some of the prizes on offer for taking part in our events at tomorrow’s Trade Fair.

Lighthouse Long-Jump - Participants will win a Supreme Weapon of their choice from the Prize Booth, if they clear the river. The Furthest Jumper overall will win a set of Supreme Artisan/Master tools. (Please stand still to allow someone to measure your coordinates when you land.)

Rainy River Relay - Participants will be in teams of four, each member of the winning team will win a 15 slot Handcart. Runner up team will win a 5 slot cart each.

Treasure Hunt - Winner will receive a set of Supreme Artisan/Master Tools. (Revision: The items you are searching for will be Dollars 'found by' Fitz) Runners up will receive Supreme Quality Weapons from the Prize Booth.

Whack-a-Monkey - you will receive a Master Quality Weapon of your choice from the vendor at the Monkey Stall.

Basket Shuffle - prizes TBA.

05-24-2012, 08:40 AM
Unfortunately I will not be able to attend, I will be out of town this weekend, but looks like fun. Good luck, and great job stepping up!

05-24-2012, 09:01 AM
Looks like fun.

05-25-2012, 12:07 PM
Can't wait to see how it'll turn out :)

05-26-2012, 10:30 AM
Have fun at the event all! I hope you get a good turn out. :) I'm working otherwise I would be definitely be there.

05-26-2012, 03:56 PM
Some screenshots at the trade fair, thank you to RR and everyone for comming! It's been a great event!

05-27-2012, 05:30 AM
Rainy River Tribe - Trade Fair May 26th 2012

The trade fair hosted this weekend at Rainy River was a great success. From the ambiance and aesthetics, to the food stall. Attendees were given the opportunity to take part in all the games advertised, forming as teams or playing as individuals as they tried to win the incredible prizes on offer by the hosts.
So without any further delay I am pleased to announce the winners as follows;

Lighthouse Long Jump
No one managed the full distance, so the record remains unbroken however we awarded the competitors based upon the furthest jump.
1st Place - With a jump of 885.54 BrittneyReece – Winning a full set of Supreme Artisan/Master tools.
2nd Place – With a jump of 878.15 – Alest – Winning a Supreme Weapon
3rd Place – With a jump of 877.81 – Lucky – Winning a Supreme Weapon
All other contestants also won a Supreme weapon.

Rainy River Relay - The teams were as follows;
Team 1 - Pirate

Team 2 - XISM

Team 3 - Rainy River Runners

The winners were;
1st Place - Team XISM – Each winning a 15 Slot Handcart
2nd Place – Team Pirate – Each winning a 5 Slot Handcart
3rd Place – Rainy River Runners – Proving that taking part is everything 

Yeni was the only one to successfully hit Chunky and won a Master quality Weapon.
Treasure Hunt
1st Place – Alest – Winning a set of Supreme Artisan/Master Tools
All other contestants were handed a Supreme Weapon for taking part.

Basket Shuffle
The three winners of the basket shuffle were
Nita, Kwahu & Dimossa – Each winning a Supreme Weapon.

Lastly Rainy River Tribe would especially like to thank all those that attended the Fair, making it a fun and rewarding experience for the hosts as much as the attendees. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves :) A heartfelt thanks for attending everyone!

Special Thanks to Raguel, GuideIsda, GuideAzrael & GuideMihr for all the teleports and assistance. Even more so GuideMihr who took the amazing screenshots while the event took place.
Extra special thanks to all the Rainy River tribe members that attended and helped make the event run smoothly and great fun for all.
A big thanks goes to Creator for adding to the fun with his special Basket Shuffle :) Pesonally i think -10 is a valid guess heh!

We would welcome any feedback on our website at http://www.rainy-river-tribe.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=157
Feel free to leave any comments on how things ran, how much fun you had, or things you think we may need to know. All information will help us to provide a more fun and entertaining time the next time we host a market.

Many thanks everyone for making this Saturday’s Trade Fair the awesome experience it was!