View Full Version : do some quests...NOW!!!!!!

06-24-2012, 11:18 PM
Aftermath II has put some quests on the totem...bring some nails...do some work....get some xp. Totem located at zone 739 pos: 175 x 51....no big mountains to climb ;)

some quests are:

a.) get old saw blade for making 100 granite bricks...

b.)get spade head for making 100 granite bricks...

c.) buy 60 master QL granite rocks for 100 nails (for toolcrafter)

d.) buy 50 VHQ granite rocks for 75 nails (buy two of these and a tool set to complete brick quest..get more xp) or there is a mountain base close by north east of totem..gather your own rock to make the bricks.

e.) buy a mallet and a chisel for 50 nails to make granite rocks into bricks

hope some use this...have fun ;)

Added after 3 Hours 17 minutes:

Someone seems to have come and completed some quests...they got the mallet and chisel, then 2 sets of 50 granite....turned the granite rocks into 100 granite bricks...walked away with an Old Saw Blade and 4 quests worth of xp..however much that was......and they could have done it all by standing by the totem...nice...and thanks ;)