View Full Version : LTB Architecture BPs

07-11-2012, 10:52 PM
The below is a list of what I'm looking for -

Gadu Branch Barricade
Scrapper Smoke House
Gadu Stick Canopy
Mason Stone Floor
Pioneer Log Gate
Scavenger Western Gate
Bamati Taba Post
Gadu Bundle Post
Gadu Wooden Post
Mason Gelenkun Post
Mason Lenkun Post
Mason Yakitil Post
Pioneer Tri Post
Scrapper Pipeline Post
Bamati Ply Roof
Bamati Sheet Roof non 8x8
Mason Brick Roof 8x8
Mason Fortress Roof - Both
Scavenger Shed Roof - Both
Scrapper Shed Rood 8x8
Scavenger Post Tent
Scrapper Box Tent
Scrapper Sheet Tent
**Scrapper Freeway Wall
Scavenger Board Wall
Scavenger Slate Wall
Pioneer Log Wall III
Mason Low Limestone Wall
Bamati Lalag Wall

Also Pioneer Canopy - I am looking for a handful of these.

If you have these available - please send me a Private Message or reply to the post.