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08-06-2012, 06:18 PM
Please post your questions to the Developers below...

Thank you.

08-06-2012, 07:54 PM
What's the current timetable for getting grass regrowth turned back on?

08-07-2012, 07:24 AM
When the sound problem will be solved?

08-07-2012, 12:47 PM
1. Will water collisions ever work more dynamic or always cause and effect...?
( What I mean is, right now if I want to dig a water canal through my tribe, I cant just dig it out and let water in and be done. I have to place stops every so often so the game doesnt cave it the canal. So the depth in my canal varies and is a pain to add architecture in).. Not to mention 5 times the work...

Which brings up the next question...

2. If the game world will always have collisions that stop you from flooding stuff. Can Walls, Posts, and Platforms be recognized as a water stop so collisions dont force dirt to cave in and block water?

3. Can footprint of boulders be reduced, I get the fact its there for a reason but I have boulders blocking terraforming and planting trees up to 5+ meters away..

4. Is it possible to put a decay timer on Tree stumps, im under the impression they affect Zone tree limit...

5. What is the zone tree limit, parts of my zone seem pretty barren, do logs everywhere does this affect tree limit?

6. Hows the Official Wiki page coming mentioned in this post..

08-07-2012, 06:08 PM
When the sound problem will be solved?
I agree, it would be nice to have my emotes back.

08-08-2012, 08:31 AM
When are you going to get this game back on track and moving forward again instead of backwards?

We wanted and needed the main animals to be stronger as we could just solo everything in the game no problem but as soon as that was done mutants (now back in game) where gone and the reward for the really tough older animals (better stat bonus) was nerfed so bad even the max mutant that would take endless hours hunting enough of them and needing a few people to help kill them is so small a gain its not even close to worth the time and ripped all the fun right out of hunting.So there goes one of the main fun and things to do in the game to pass time.Animals are doing so good right now because no one hunts anymore.

A huge effect the stat nerf had was it not only ruined all the fun and reward from hunting but also killed all the fun and reasons for doing bone craft and leather craft as there imo two of the MAIN crafts in this game.I would also say it had same effect on wep crafting because we no longer need weps to hunt and its not like theres so much pvp that its usefull for that reason.

Nerf also had a huge impact on everyday play even if you dident hunt or craft bone,wep or leather as now i have less fort so the effect of having more energy is so small that it almost changes nothing and im back to spending most my time laying down resting because i spend a lot of time traveling the map and my energy drops like a rock again.Plus all the other effects stats gave that are now worthless....kind of worthless.

Imo it all was a huge step backwards as I thought the whole stat and skill update and changes (while I think was only half finished) was one of the biggest steps forward and best job you all had done so far as moving forward.

And in one fail swoop we are back to stone age.So what I would like to know is how you plane on fixing all this to making hunting worth the time and making it fun again...crafting armor worth the time hunting and skilling up plus having right stats worth it again.This stuff is a lot more importent then I think you where thinking when you nerfed them without anything else like balance.You said you did it because it would make it more easy for you with crafting revamps but did you think about the kind of effect it would have on two of only three things there are to even do?Crafting it killed it hunting it killed it so now all we got is building and plus it made gaining stats nothing but one huge boring skill grind.

So please fill us in on how these crafting changes you are doing is going to all put this stuff together to make it better then it was already.And when can we start seeing this in game because saying this round can mean anything from two weeks to 4 months all while we are standing here in game nerfed from doing 2 main fun things and having nothing but building to do and grind stats.

I also dont get why this nerf was so needed asap and then all the updates are our main goal and focus right now are moving website ect......sorry but it really bugs me you nerf and say im changing everything for the better and working on it now so just wait and see then your focus is elsewhere that has nothing to do with it and we are left standing here holding our you know whats.
Thank You.

08-08-2012, 12:36 PM
Since I started playing again, I have been working on building and clean up, but I have noticed a few things.

Where as the world seems more dangerous with the revs, it is simple bunnies and rats that pose the greatest dangers not the revenants.


1. Are you planning to let simple animals like rabbits, rats and the like act like normal versions of those animals and not like mutant steroid junkies on pcp?

2. Are you ever going to make it easier to delete items from our back packs then the current drag and drop one at a time?

3. Can you put in SOMETHING ( fun ) that will draw players to this game and not add to the current overt tediousness that seems to characterize the entire game? ( I don't wish to be irritating here, but of the hundreds of players that HAVE been here, we are now left with maybe 100 total, it almost looks like you are trying to kill this off to a degree )

08-12-2012, 07:46 AM
Hi i have a couple of questions:

1. would like to know if there is any plans to add farming in the game, like growing crops maybe sugar for baking and bread etc, seen it on a few posts so seems like a much wanted addition, if so when do you think it will be.

2. i think adding metal working sort of thing would be good, to give people a choice instead of just scavenging, which can be a pain, like finding saw blades and parts for axes just so i can woodcut. i think this would be a good addition as well, you do this by changing fires into a holder as well to put mined metal in and after a small time its ready to be changed into nails saw blades etc, once unlocked on that skill tree. if theres any plans for this already have you got a time scale?

i think these will add alot more for the players who prefer crafting and building instead of fighting or repetitive killing.
many thanks.

Added after 23 minutes:

another idea/question, what about like junk piles have small amounts of bone piles or dead animals, again to give more choice as scavenging doesn't give you a good amount of bones to do anything with.

Added after 45 minutes:

is there a link to a list of features and things coming to the game?

08-13-2012, 10:48 AM
Are you going to have one location where most of the answers to the commonly asked questions can be found? If your advertising works...then global is going to be flooded with the same questions over and over and over again...sort of like it is now. If they can figure out how to chat in global...lol


08-13-2012, 11:27 AM
Did you guys give up on the wiki? I feel like we haven't heard about it for a while, and since among the playerbase there seems to be some conflicting evidence as to the current mechanisms for many processes in game it seems that the wiki should be bumped up and done asap. That way whenever you make updates to the game, you only need to change x and y in the wiki.