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11-16-2012, 05:06 AM
Right then..too it.

You..ie. the game Owner/Developers/Guides, have opened up the "Xsyon Wiki" for open ended development..i.e. anyone may assist in the development of game related data on the wiki site once appoved to do so.

However, you have restriced certain items/areas to only "adminstrator" access/development. Specific to this/my discussion includes the .png picture files of specifice items in game. Obviously, the pulling down of these picture files from within the game itself MUST be restricted to those people. However, when people, i.e. anyone allowed to edit the wiki, try and pull a .png file that just happens to NOT exist in the list due to oversite or any other reason, when we try an communicate this oversite to you, at least in my experience after several days/weeks of asking, have been met with nothing. No explination, no adding of the missing item, no comment..not even a warning to stop talking about the subject....aboslutly nothing.....

Are you guys even there?

To this end, we, the players, need response. We need a specific area where we can communicat with you about issues specificly related to the Wiki. If we find something wanting/missing and we report it, we expect, and at the very least, demand the simplest acknowldgemnt of our concerns. Acknowldment of these concerns (in this case, missing base items) is not as important to actual game play, but, very important to those players that really want to help expand the reach of the game thru expantion of the Wiki.

I know that there are some personal things going on with 1 individual...i.e. an out of country trip, but come on..the rest of the ppl here should step up and fill in the gaps...

(Note: I have no knowldge of the internal dynamics of how this company really runs or wants to run..I am a total outsider in this regard).

If you want to move beyond just the game..and become an industry, you have to do more. (IMHO)

But then, what the hell do I know. I'm just a first month subscriber who likes to play around on wiki's.


(see Wurm Forums/Wiki)

(Note: I am known in other games for my drunken rants...and this may well be one of them..but I don't take it that lightly...it is a preceived problem that just bubbled to the top during one of my more intesting nights.)

11-16-2012, 05:08 AM
miss match..um.

at least I got a semi-response that this has been seen...

11-16-2012, 06:45 AM
I think this game is a one-man-show, but I'm not 100% sure. Perhaps there are persons in the background but so far I don't know what role they play.

I talked the other day about the funny feeling I got and the lack of responses, replies, patches, content is worrying. I know that J been working on the kickstart campaign and a marketing offensive, but going on a 2-3 week travel at this point is badly timed and not a confidence builder.

Somehow it feels like Im alone on the ship everybody abandoned. The voice on the loudspeaker keeps repeating that everyone should be calm, there is nothing to worry about.

Personally I am worried when ...

...a thread named "Questions of the week" hasn't been answered the latest 7 weeks
...when the latest update message isn't about any updates at all
...when we find out that they've been working on bugfixes (5th of Nov) the last few weeks, when we thought they were working on the crafting patch
...when the message the 26th of sept was an excuse for the lack of info, and a message of that kickstart will be launched in october
...I learn from the 30th of aug message that they will move on to do the crafting patch but after that it hasn't been mentioned at all. Bug fixes and server performance issues is not mentioned at all as a field of work for the coming weeks.

Just reading those update messages gives me a hunch of the situation behind the scenes. Launching a kickstart campaign (which I hope for, but seriously doubt will happen) is asking for trust, and trust - at this point - is a scarce commodity.

Feel free to move this message to the appropriate forum and/or authorities.

11-16-2012, 07:06 AM
I have been there when you and others have expressed these concerns. I know about some of them, i.e. where J is/has gone and why. I also understand that this game is a very small indy game with only a few developers total.

That being said, I am paying $14.95 a month for this game. "IN DEVELOPMENT" or not there are certain industry standars (yes even in the Indy side of the business) that need to be met if the game ever expects to move beyond a 'Hobby' game, especially if funding is being sought through the various mob funding sites like kickstart where this game is directly competeing against other, more highly rated/reviewed, games like "Greed Monger".

This game can not afford to have the developers take "Time Off" at this crutial stage. Its crunch time right thru Febuary!!!

Or we can just wait another year for its to ... age a little better.

11-16-2012, 10:38 AM
I check the wiki just about every day and upload missing images as you edit pages. If you set them up to have images I go through and find the icons and upload them, a lot are there and I've added those that were missing or not linked to properly.


The wedge and bear claw were not on the wiki so I added them. If there are things you need or want on the wiki just make a post or contact us in game via /h or through pm here. Your previous issue was fixed http://www.xsyon.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special:RecentChanges Isda made the changes.


11-17-2012, 01:29 AM
The "questions of the week" have been answered. Good job! Sorry if I sounded harsh but to be kept in the loop is very important.