View Full Version : Hello, I have some questions about the game.

12-13-2012, 01:05 AM
Hello, I tried this game well I would say almost 2 years ago or so and the concept was great but in my own opinion there was a lot of work needed.

1) I guess the big question is how is the feel of the game when it comes to movement and animations?

I guess the best example is Mortal Online vs Darkfall. Darkfall is less realistic in a way but overall you don't get sick while moving around but you also don't feel like your legs are half broken hehe. Where Mortal Online so realistic it kind of causes some vision issues and your characters handling might be slightly over the top realistic.

2) Is the game full loot drop and is there I guess some pvp? I recall I think you could fight and steal from enemies? If I could get more of an update on that.

3) Now the big thing with this game is you can manipulate the sandbox in many ways not just build a little town. How much has changed since? Can people actually grow and create a town that is like a large scale city yet? Are there so called maybe guilds/clans that take new players in that are heavily protected or could be protected against evil players?

4) I guess really I'm trying get a run down on some the sandbox features and how things are going with the game. I love sandbox games a lot and been playing them for years I run a pretty large Minecraft server for the past 2 years and I also love doing Let's Play Series on Youtube.

I'm hoping if things are not going to bad with this game and it has enough to keep someone who has a little to much time on their hands busy then I think I might have found a new home.

There is a really nasty lack of good games right now in the sandbox world.


12-13-2012, 02:20 AM
Hi Kane, welcome back to Xsyon.

For starters I would like to extend an invite to Raven Moon. I am out for the night but there was a couple people still in tribe when I logged out. There is a free trail going on currently so you can give it a try without paying if you would like to log in and have a look around yourself. That way you can decide for yourself about the animation and movements.

As far as game progress from two years ago, there has been huge improvements since then and a lot of new content. Creature AI has been greatly improved as well as combat mechanics and balance. There is forestry (tree planting) now, Mutant animals, Revenants that spawn at abandoned tribes, Carts for hauling, etc. Too much to list right now but there is also a lot of content that is not in game yet either. Load times has been improved remarkably compared to two years ago and many other improvements to performance.

There is PVP but not very much and it is full loot. However tribes are safe zones. If you like Mindcraft then I think you will like this even more. A good description I heard a while back is Mindcraft on steroids. :p

I hope I answered your question well enough but it's almost 2:30 am and I am brain dead.

On that note, I'm heading to bed. Hope to see you in game.

*Oh if you choose to join Raven Moon you can choose us as your starting area during character creation.