View Full Version : Lake Tahoe Survival Kits!

02-22-2013, 06:51 PM
Greetings, whoever might read this! It is me, Abernack!

I come to you with a simple offer, one that is of little benefit to veterans of this game, but quite handy to those roughing it solo or just starting out.

Simply put, it is a starter pack of sorts! For 30 of ANY currency item, (Bottle caps, Beer tabs, pennies, dollars, nails, buttons, ect) Not sure how to get any of these? No problem! Just try to scavenge on a big pile of scrap you might see about! Not sure where to find scrap? Also not a problem! Bring me 4 bits of grass! :P I will sell you

1 - Basic Forager's Waterskin

1 - Forager's fishing rod (Not a fisherman? No problem! I can offer you a pouch instead.)

1 - Grass pack or gift basket, your choice

Is this stuff comparatively easy to obtain? Yes!
Would big tribes pile things on you for free? Yes!
Why am I doing this then? Simple! Lots of folks don't always/can't always join a big tribe, or like roughing it simple. I'm here to give folks, trial account or no, a kick in the right direction. Yes, I can make quite a bit more than these simple listed items, but this is a work in progress, and as more trade contacts open up, more packs will become available!

Not counting the basketry items and clothing I myself can make, the tribe I represent can also produce a myriad of items. So if you have anything you would like otherwise, it wouldn't hurt to ask!

You can post on here if you are interested, or you can try /w Abernack ingame if I am around. Otherwise, hope to hear from you! :)