View Full Version : Anarchy Empire - Newly formed tribe

03-20-2013, 01:14 PM
Hi folks, some of you may remember me from Xsyon in the Beta test as Rambo. We formed Menace to Society, but like most tribes, members lost interest in the game early on. I've been playing part-time on a solo-homestead in 941, but found the game quite lonely by myself. I abandoned my homestead and moved to zone 740, with only my cart containing the most basic tools and supplies.

I'm looking to re-build and re-populate a newly founded tribe called Anarchy Empire. I'm a master at Bonecraft, Architecture, Basketry, Tailoring, Combat and decently skilled in Weaponcraft, Leatherworking, Logging, and Hunting. Experienced in teraforming and architect. I am seeking friendly and fun individuals: Play-time per week is not a factor! I realize Real Life is important too. I'm looking to educate/train/help new players to Xsyon to better our gaming community. If you are at all interested in joining, please feel free to contact me in-game as Rambo, or PM me on the forums.

P.S.: Sorry for the crude post, it's my first time trying the tribal leader thing :)