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04-21-2013, 11:38 AM
4 luxury furnished beach front properties available for rent in zone 980.

See pictures below:

Available for 200 nails/week OR 400 currency/week(dollars, bottle caps, quarters, pennies or beer tabs).

To book a viewing, /w DangerTwig in-game.

Rental Features (m = meters):

Plenty of resources available nearby. Sand (50m), Limestone (75m), Granite (50m), Huge Scrap Piles (100m), Wood/trees (300m).
Good hunting grounds less than 1 zone away (1000m).
Quests available with good rewards.
Peaceful Low Danger area.
Protection against revenants and large animals.
Protection against griefing players within the immediate area.
Easy, safe trading at the Paradise Shop and 10% discount for renters.
Carts, baskets, tools, weapons, etc, available to buy at the Paradise Shop.
Entrance over-looking the lake with beautiful sunsets and sunrises.
Nicely designed, flat, multi story tribe area.
No interaction with the other members or slave work required.
Store your items securely in your house with locked doors and locked baskets/carts.
Easy access ramps installed for cart users in and out of the island.
Free food and water.
Roads lined with logs for fast traveling all year round.
We strip down abandoned tribes in our area to reduce load time and lag.
We are kind, friendly people that will answer any of your questions and help new members get to grips with the game.

Small Print:
~ Payment is in advance once per week (The day you joined).
~ If payment is not made once per week, you will have 3 days to vacate. After which, your house will be cleaned to make room for new occupancies.
~ You can pay for multiple weeks at a time. For example: 800 nails for 1 months rent.
~ Maximum of 2 people per property.
~ You must keep your belongings(carts, baskets, logs, etc) inside your rented area.

Paradise Shop Price List

c = currency (Dollars, Beer tabs, Bottle caps, Quarters and Pennies)
We also accept nails: 1 nail = 2 currency.


Baskets & Pouches:
Baskets - 20n OR 40c
Pounches - 20n OR 40c

5 slot carts - 400n OR 800c
10 slot carts - 1000n OR 2000c
15 slot carts - 1600n OR 3200c
20 slot carts - 2500n OR 5000c (coming soonTM)

Tools & Weapons (Q = Quality):

Poor/low Q - 150n OR 300c
Moderate Q - 200n OR 400c
High Q - 250n OR 500c
Very High Q - 300n OR 600c

Poor/low Q - 50n OR 100c
Moderate Q - 100n OR 200c
High Q - 150n OR 300c
Very High Q - 200n OR 400c

Poor/low Q - 50n OR 100c
Moderate Q - 100n OR 200c
High Q - 150n OR 300c
Very High Q - 200n OR 400c

Poor/low Q - 30n OR 60c
Moderate Q - 60n OR 120c
High Q - 90n OR 180c
Very High Q - 120n OR 240c

Poor/low Q - 30n OR 60c
Moderate Q - 60n OR 120c
High Q - 90n OR 180c
Very High Q - 120n OR 240c

Poor/low Q - 75n OR 150c
Moderate Q - 125n OR 250c
High Q - 175n OR 350c
Very High Q - 225n OR 450c

All other tools(hammers, bevels, weavers, etc)
Poor/low Q - 30n OR 60c
Moderate Q - 60n OR 120c
High Q - 90n OR 180c
Very High Q - 120n OR 240c

Recipes (BP = Blue Print):

Architecture Blueprints:
Pioneers - 3000n/BP OR 6000c
Scrappers - 2000n/BP OR 4000c
Scavengers - 2000n/BP OR 4000c
Mason - 1250n/BP OR 2500c
Gadu - 1000n/BP OR 2000c
Bamati - 1000n/BP OR 2000c
Banaya - 1000n/BP OR 2000c (Chief Tent BP 2000n OR 4000c)
Gates + 500 nails OR 1000c
Roofs + 250 nails OR 500c

Tailoring Recipes:
250n/recipe OR 500c

Leathercraft Recipes:
350n/recipe OR 700c

Bonecraft Recipes:
450n/recipe OR 900c

Weaponcraft Recipes:
Shovel - 2000n/recipe OR 2000c
Pick - 2000n/recipe OR 2000c
Tulipi Spike Club - 4500n/recipe OR 9000c
All other weaponcraft recipes - 300n/recipe OR 600c

Toolcraft Recipes:
Basic - 300n/recipe OR 600c
Artisan - 1350n/recipe OR 1700c
Master - 3000n/recipe OR 6000c
Saw recipes + 1000n/recipe OR 2000c

Wainwright Recipes:
Basic - 800n/recipe OR 1600c
Craftsman - 1300n/recipe OR 2600c
Adept - 2000n/recipe OR 4000c
Master - 3000n/recipe OR 6000c

All items listed subject to availability. Please /w DangerTwig in-game for details.

If you have any questions or criticisms, please post them in this thread.

Everyone is welcome to rent and trade with Paradise.

04-21-2013, 05:46 PM
This is a great bunch of information, thanks for taking the time to post this and the trade opportunities your tribe gives to the Xsyon world.

04-22-2013, 03:27 AM
Yeah great post. I commented on it in game, and I wanted to follow up here. Some good info and prices here. I hope more take this up and run with it.

Also I like the rental options even without the in game features to support it. Xsyon has always planned on features to support this and I think right now it's almost there. Nice work.