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06-11-2013, 01:48 PM
Fight Club PvP tournament

NO looting,No Cheating keep it fair and clean

This will be a standard tournament with a small $100 entry fee. the winner will be taking how 25% of the pot as for second place will take home 15% and third will take home 10%. you will also be able to bet on fighters so bring some extra cash (: most odds will be 1:2 or even 1:3 depending on hp and skill of the fighter. we will try to keep it fair and fun putting people will close hp and skills against each other up until the end. you can whisper me ingame-walieo for any info.

When and Where
This will take place tomorrow 6/12 at 12 pm PST at Red Legion zone 861 pos 30/500
Come Out and Enjoy the Fun (:

06-12-2013, 09:23 AM
I'm adding a Special Prize to the final winner, a full set of vhq80+ Bearbone or Deerbone armour. Not just one or two parts, a full set. Valued at over 20k, I'm glad to donate to this event to give people something more to fight for.

We will also be giving away a random blueprint of *Our choice to each individual round winner. Meaning you don't need to be the final winner to win a prize, for each round you win, you will be given a mini reward of a blueprint, as well as the ability to advance to the next round, for another chance at another blueprint and a shot at the big cash prize!


*Show up ~Naked~
*Don't bring any weapons, you will be given a weapon at the event
*Don't attack before the round starts with a "GO"
*No Looting or Griefing, this will result in a instant ban from the event. The judges and other contestants will also have free rights to kill and loot you if you're found looting someone.
*Players will be given time to heal and regain energy between rounds
*When watching, don't jump into someone else's fight, this will result in a ban from the event, a smack on the head and most likely the loss of your equipment.

~~The Prize~~

*Final Round Winner: 50% of total prize money, full set of VHQ80+ bone armor (bear or deer) [plus the blueprints from each round won]

*2nd place final round winner: 15% total prize money, two parts VHQ80+ bone armour (bear or deer)[plus the blueprints from each round won]

*3d place final round winner: 10% total prize money, a VHQ80+ Bear bone helmet [plus the blueprints from each round won]

*Each individual round winner: 1 random blueprint at *Our choice

Good luck to all of our warriors who are planning on making it out to this event.

06-12-2013, 09:24 AM
Update!! Winner will now be taking 50% and their choice of deer or bear bone armor also random prizes to the fighters