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03-21-2014, 11:11 AM
Ideas and suggestions welcome!

Last night some of us on the PVE server were discussing doing some scheduled PVP events and it seems there is some real interest even among the PVE people. It makes a kind of sense since many people are going to play and build on the Peace server, that the "War" server can serve as a second home where you go to play combat games. Nothing to lose really since they have their main character on the Peace Server.

We have a couple tribes interested in hosting some combat games and even supplying weapons and possibly armor to help make a more even playing field for everyone. Of course guide participation would be welcome.

I was also thinking we could do a less formal PVP free for all battles around the lake. A kind of No rules, Last man standing event for the die hard PVPers. No guides, no rules, just survival of the fittest. We pick a time and place (preferably Sunday for me :p) You can come geared up or not if you don't want to lose gear, and hope you go home with some extra loot. Some people may team up, some will solo, some may die along the way. We could change the locations each time we have a battle to be fair to everyone who will need to travel very far.

Please post any ideas or if you are interested in participating in any combat events.

05-02-2014, 03:43 PM
Was thinking the same thing. I'm in

05-06-2014, 08:20 PM
We're discussing an event for the weekend of May 17. I don't know if it will be PvP based but we'll let you know by early next week.