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02-21-2015, 04:16 PM
[Note that this event post refers to the PvE server, there will be a follow on event relevant to the size of the player base on the PvP server after this event is concluded.]

Greetings Survivors!

First and foremost, my most humble apologies for the delay in the event start. It was an oversight on my part with preparation and trying to make the event more themed and special. I greatly underestimated the time it would take to prepare. It is my fault alone and I am sorry.

That said, on to the good part.

Survivors...Xsyon has a long history. The mists started parting long ago, well before your grandparent's grandparents. There are still tales of mythical, legendary figures of that time and their accomplishments. As will all such tales, there are rumors of lost caches of loot and valuables left hidden away by these extremely skilled and successful survivors. Are they true? Are they just fanciful rumors to stir children's imaginations? Many have spent their entire careers seeking these lost caches of wealth only to die penniless in the wilderness, unknown and forgotten.

Recently some old documents have been found indicating that there may be some truth to the legends of lost treasures hidden amongst the wilds of Xsyon. These documents speak of specific individuals by name and thus are viewed by most of the older Xsyon survivors as more reliable and authentic for having such information. It would appear that is was a fairly common practice to sequester both a simple loot cache easily accessible for more common use items in case things went badly and you needed a quick resupply as well as carefully hiding away your most prized loot in hard to reach, remote and dangerous locations.

These documents speak of the famed Hunter Kreln, notorious Fisher Thren, the lovely and dedicated Scavenger Breck, hermit Woodsman Zed and lastly, the unbeatable, ferocious Warlord Crom.

It is said in these documents each hid away 2 caches of loot near places relevant to them. Places of great success, beauty or bounty.

Can you find these lost treasures, provided they exist? Are you strong enough to claim them? These treasures have remained unfound for a very long time. They undoubtedly will be well hidden and perhaps even have beasts in the area that may not be fond of intruders into their domain.

It is rumored such treasures MAY be located in zones 663, 737, 739, 857, 861, 864, 934, 935, 1057 and 1060. Good luck to any foolish or foolhardy enough to brave these risks and seek such treasures.

02-21-2015, 04:26 PM
Bins current status:

663 Unfound
737 Found - YellowFox
739 Found - Quintrix
857 Found - Sif
861 Found - Lunawyn
864 Found - Ravelli
934 Found - Sif
935 Found - Koal
1057 Found - Pean
1060 Found - Sark

02-22-2015, 05:52 AM
as promised a few words...
the event was delayed greatly, but this you know and intend to improve upon..
i like the fact that the bins where themed that's a good thing and it makes sense..! please do it again next time.

it might've been because of the late hours, but they where very hard to find..
maybe lash out a hint every 30- 45 minutes..

02-22-2015, 07:51 AM
Overall...2 thumbs down.

Waited so long for it to start I was tired of looking at my screen by the time it went off. Way way to late, please plan better in the future. ( I know you apologized but)
I some how was under the impression we HAD to start at founders. Took an hour to get me and my cart back to where I was to start looking, please put better clearer directions on events in the forums next time.
Maybe also a better list of what's in the bins. I was under the impression, again, that there was a unique item in each bin. I do not need another chief tent or fishing pole or an axe and did not need to wait around for hours to try and find something like that.

I assumed a lot I guess and was wrong a lot. On that note I feel yesterdays event was a waist of a day. By the time it got started I had to leave for a real life engagement. And then today to find out the only things in bins (that i was told) is the same old stuff you find in almost every raid, phhfftt.

2 Thumbs down.

02-22-2015, 08:27 AM
I'm not sure what was in the bins, but anytime you put "unique" items. It hurts the game greatly. Let me just tell you a couple of reasons.

1)Unique items unbalance the game.
2)Forces vets like me to go to these events and win them.

There were many complaints in the past with good reason that the same vets winning all the events. The problem with that is, we were forced to go to get the "unique" items.
I believe that items of a cosmetic nature is not a major issue. But when you putting in the best items in the game that are uncraftable by players it breaks it. On top of that, when you have items that never decay or break, it's very bad for the game's economy and see reason #2.

Personally I've never been a fan of these find the bin events, but a lot of it was because of the amount of stuff in the bins. But also just not my cup of tea.
I do like when the guides make the event last longer, instead of just giving out clues every 2mins until someone finds it 15mins later.
I remember GuideMihr put out some baskets and it took players 3+ days to find them and everyone was happy with it.

02-22-2015, 01:59 PM
Was fun but preparation took a way to long.

02-22-2015, 04:24 PM
Thank you all for the feedback. Yes, the event started far too late and that was, as I said, totally my fault with no excuse.

To answer some issues mentioned, I tried to make this more role play and immersive and fun, not just a boring here are some bins thrown in random zones with some random stuff in them. I am sorry for those that don't enjoy that. The fact that every time I checked the number of players on line during the 13 hours I was running and prepping the event, we were between 17 and 21 players on line leads me to believe many players did enjoy the event.

I do not have the ability to generate unique items or even change the name on common items at this time. I also do not believe in dumping large quantities of perfect items into the game. I feel that undermines what economy there is and is negative for the game in every way.

It was not my intent to start everyone at Founders. That was something the players wanted at the starting time so I did so. Those that joined in later just started from wherever they were.

I will continue to try to make events as enjoyable as possible for as many people as possible. I do realize not all players will enjoy any given type of event. I also realize that each of we Guides will run events slightly differently and some players may enjoy events run by a certain Guide more than events run by another Guide. This is all good and variety is a great aspect of a game.

I thank the player base for attending and for the feedback. These events are for the community at large, not for any one player or Guide. It was great to see such a large turnout even with my poor preparation and the delay of the event.

02-23-2015, 09:06 AM
I like the way the treasure hunt was held this time, made it feel more like part of the Xsyon world than just random bins hidden by guides. Maybe you could improve on this by starting rumors about the treasures or the people that were hiding them in the week leading to the event.

Thanks for organizing the event.

02-23-2015, 12:30 PM
the event started at finally 23:30 (11:30pm) my time. european players usual are not "often" considered in "most" of the events. the event was anounced for 21:00 (9pm) which was not to bad, and honestly a waiting time for preparing is not really a big deal. well this time it was kinda long but the event ran and its ok so far. just the time zone issue again..

but still a few things which was not very well considered.
its nice to have a forum post which explains the event, but nonsense if the mesh cache ( whatever it calls ) bug exists, a few players crashed by checking the forum, mainly new players.
after this the guide who ran the event asked for questions, a new player wont know what he have to ask for, but will miss a lot of neccesairy informations. as the guy who didnt even know where the zones are.
a whole bunchof player was waiting for the start 2,5h and even searching for a few hours. didnt find anything.. no price for the loosers, makes sense but doesnt fit to the events which was running in the past. people who spend so much time and didnt get anything out of it ( let it be a coloured short or whatever ) will prolly loose the mood to join events. especially the very new players who had low action skills, no orientation and a hard time to survive this event.

2 things for the next events of this kind:
1. a survival event is great but not everyone can make a skewer, find a flint, hunt or fish ( even have the required tools/weapons ) inbetween, or carry a lot of food from the homestead. that was a lack of explaination for me, to make sure everyone have the requirements to stay outside for that long.
2. finding a cart in the past already took a long time, well mihr/sophia was great in hiding them. bins are way more a pain in the *** and maybe carts are a good solution to keep the time of the event balanced ( yes i see the effort a guide spend for this events which is even more time )

@DDT, if there wont be unique price nobody will join. thats a doom loop imo. i gave my rewards away couz there was nothing to exchange i was looking for. as i already suggested, a reward system based on " event points" which gives you a few days / a week free playtime in exchange would help way more. you start with a few basic tools playing this game and thats how everyone make his way up. i dont complain about a event suite like santa/elv stuff which have no effect on combat couz of quality/kind/no full armor set. but beside such, no items should ever had be spawned. a player loose a 5 slot cart? he get a 20sl for the trouble. a player have logs in the underground? 100q gets replaced. but there is already to much of all this stuff to make a change.

02-23-2015, 01:08 PM
Major issue with the game if the only reason people join events if for a "unique" prize.

Also, you talk about a survival event but not everyone.... Why do events have to be for everyone? I've seen many events in other games where everyone is not included, and just FYI when you try to include "everyone" you always exclude everyone by default.

Also about your "took a long time" to find carts/bins. I do not agree with this. Why does every event have to be over in 5 or 10mins? I remember many events that took hours if not months to complete were the best events on the server.

I also disagree with spawned items. As long as they are not overpowered, I'm ok with spawned items. However, they should never be stronger than player crafted. Also they should have decay unlike preorder weapons and Santa shovel.
Also spawned items should be valued based on how rare/strong they are. If you giving away 20 items of the best crafted gear to 1 person for 5mins of fishing, there are major issues.

I like the way the treasure hunt was held this time, made it feel more like part of the Xsyon world than just random bins hidden by guides. Maybe you could improve on this by starting rumors about the treasures or the people that were hiding them in the week leading to the event.

Thanks for organizing the event.

That shoulds very cool.

02-28-2015, 10:01 AM
Just my view on the "Unique" prizes

I found one of the bins, it was the 1060 one, it was well Hidden amongst Trees on a Mountain slope,
Took a while to find it, so was well hidden Bin, So thats Good.

I found the Cache 1 Hunter's Bin. so it had in it some Bones and Leather. I cant quite remember it exactly as I gave the contents to a team mate,

2x Mule Dear 90QL leather
2x Black Bear 90QL Leather
20x Mule Dear 80QL leather
20x Black Bear 80QL leather

an assortment of Mule Deer and Black Bear Bones

A supreme Master Trapper Bone Saw and Supreme Leather Tool (cant remember which)

I think it was decent reward to be honest and note no unique item so not every bin had those.

I liked the Flavour text that the Guides added, gave the whole event a story - Good Job.