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03-20-2016, 09:59 PM
So yesterday, Valorinak Republic hosted our first Mutant Rodeo event!

With a ton of preparation from WambliLuta and the rest of VR, we managed to get some pens with viewing platforms up on both the Peace and the War server, and with the Guide team's assistance, the event was a great success!

The goal was pretty simple - Each team of 2-3 players was given a certain amount of time (8 minutes for Peace, 12 for War) to herd as many mutants and animals into the pen. They weren't allowed to kill any animals, and other teams couldn't interfere! Each mutant was worth 2 points, and other animals worth only 1 point.

Various tactics were used by the teams, some with team members working independently, others with designated gate technicians. Some really nice ideas - I think every team had at least one death during the event - sometimes dying with the pen gates open, letting their precious captive animals walk away freely!

We had some pretty great prizes lined up for everyone participating, including event tokens (provided by the Guides), 20-slot carts, supreme knives, and a couple of really nifty bone armor sets!

Our winners on Peace were BigDan and honeybee, and our War server victors were Skydancer, Mithrilas and Fumaum, who scored the high score of 15 points!

I know all of us at Valorinak Republic had a blast and I hope everyone else did, participants and spectators. A big thanks to WambliLuta for organizing the whole thing, and also to GuideMihr and GuideGabriel for assisting us throughout the event!

GuideGabriel was also kind enough to grab some screenshots - Here's a few of my favourites for you guys, enjoy!

The viewing platform on Peace, overlooking the pen:

The War server viewing platform. overlooking the pen:

The first team managing to pen in some mutants:

A pretty big shadow deer!

The bears surrounding a poor contestant:

The rest of the screenshots can be found here! (https://gyazo.com/collections/51b434fe49cbeee113133f59ad9b950f)

03-21-2016, 10:06 AM
We really did have a wonderful time. I want to thank everyone who came and I would like to give Pauven a very heart felt thank you. You did a fantastic job yourself! Thank you again to all the Guides as well, without you this event wouldn't have been nearly as fun. We will certainly be planning future events and look forward to seeing more of our friends and neighbors join us as we celebrate this event season.